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I wanted to find a job in Malta and several people recommended Allan to me. I was really motivated and super excited about future job opportunities but it was also important to find a solid company with good team leaders…

testimonial 1
Cas Frankfurt/Germany

I’m a young Finn who had worked as a salesman for the last 6 years and I wanted to move to Malta. I didn’t have experience working for a casino, but I watched slot streams every single day on Twitch. I realised quickly why Allan was recommended to me by my Finnish friends…

testimonial 2
Timmi Vantaa/Finland

I am very pleased with the support from Allan San. He was very patient and helpful with me. I was a foreign language student in Malta but I just felt my English vocabulary was limited. Being low on confidence meant I had no courage to apply for iGaming jobs…

testimonial 3
Kenji D Nagano/Japan

Good luck to a great guy and a friend. There are plenty of recruiters out there, some of them are really good so let me tell you why I was happy to work with Allan. It came down to three skills I rate high in a person: Honesty. Experience. Communication…

testominial heli
Heli Portugal/Malta
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