A bad job candidate with a shit CV!


Do you know how an impressive CV can help you secure a job? Then why do you want to be a bad job candidate? Why do you want to present yourself with a shit CV full of mistakes? I am not just saying it, I have encountered many CVs that aren’t up to the mark and cherry on the top is when I suggest some changes, they simply asked me to shut up! This article will reflect my personal frustrating experiences that I face almost daily as a recruiter in Malta iGaming industry.

I believe the job search process has become more competitive than ever which has limited the job roles with popular online casinos. Still, some of you are bad job candidates. Sorry, but you are just utter time wasters with cringe attitude! I can’t believe the arrogance!

A good CV will bring you SUCCESS

Securing a job after completing university is a dream shared by many. Especially those looking to break into the competitive iGaming industry in Malta. However, have you ever taken a minute to think about what employers seek while hiring new staff? Obviously, your skills and communication abilities factor into the job  application process. But first you must have a strong enough CV to actually be in with a chance of getting into the sifting process…surely? Getting a job as a German customer service agent isn’t that easy.

If you fail to write a good CV, you will end up being a bad job candidate, but its ok to be a bad job candidate. However, you need to accept it and face the criticism or your chances of being hired is less than zero. You have only got yourself to blame if you submit a shit CV. The problem comes from laziness and arrogance, and I can’t believe there is only a tiny percentage of candidates that seem to know the importance of a strong CV. Why?

If you are the one who thinks that CV doesn’t really matter then believe me you are a bad job candidate. All you expect is an opportunity to make an impressive introduction of yourself and waltz into an office interview? Or you think you can win them over easily in a Zoom interview?

Wow! There’s that arrogance creeping in, because let me tell you in direct terms: Your shit CV will take you nowhere in the iGaming industry!

Bad job candidates can’t handle CV feedback

Every day, I see people who consider Malta a playground where they can walk into any job without effort. Don’t they understand there is a real competition for jobs here and a shit CV says nothing worthy about their limited work experience, personality and motivation?

Being a recruiter in sunny Malta with years of experience from sports betting and online casinos in the iGaming industry, I have come across my share of CVs that have been appalling from start to finish. It seems that candidates are interested in securing any job possible but don’t want to pay any attention to the details that matter when building a CV. They forget that it is their ticket to that successful future they dreamt about. Why not listen to recruiters, industry experts and hiring managers as they know the roles, the companies and the requirements better than you? Why they always want to behave like a bad job candidate?

However, I offer them constructive feedback, suggest improvements and ask questions to cross check job career history etc., Their CVs might be shit but I don’t tell them that but what do they do?

I have simply been asked to shut up! My suggestions are being dismissed outright. This attitude is really concerning, as it shows a lack of willingness to improve and adapt to the industry’s expectations. Is it the new generation? Is it today’s society? And believe it or not, some of these candidates have listed communication skills as one of their apparent strengths on their shit CVs.

Candidates can be time-wasters and bullshitters

Foreign candidates are always popular candidates because some of them have sought-after language skills. However, this does not mean they can enter any job application process without putting in the effort in preparing a decent CV for iGaming, just because they are Finnish, German, Swedish or Dutch. It’s time to wake up, please!

I can’t help those who refuse to help themselves. If you refuse to accept feedback, then you are not a suitable candidate for the iGaming industry. Full stop. If you can’t handle feedback, then have a career chat with yourself and go elsewhere. The job market is competitive, and brutal. Honesty, professionalism and preparation is the only way to succeed and a shit CV will not take anywhere.

With several years of experience, I can say that people who exhibit unprofessionalism, dishonesty, poor communication skills, inflexibility, and lack of initiative are the worst job candidates. Candidates with such qualities are highly unacceptable as they don’t meet the standards and expectations of the iGaming company or the position they are applying for.

Personally, I am fed up with these time-wasters and bullshitters . You are a waste of time and resources. Oh, did I hurt your ego? Good!


I don’t like a bad job candidate with a shit CV. Getting a job in 2023 isn’t easy, but the Malta iGaming industry offers plenty of job opportunities for ambitious job candidates. A solid CV will help you create the first impression to your employer and as you know that first impression is the one that lasts. A shit CV will only make you fail.

So, if you fail to make that first impression, you can forget your chances if you believe you can secure a job interview without a personal and error-free CV. Sorry, but who do you think you are?

As a recruiter who is very active checking candidates and sourcing profiles via Linkedin, I expect to see candidates with a more respectable and honest approach. Being humble and detail-orientated don’t hurt you. Taking professional advice doesn’t make you weak. It reveals that you are open to learning how the ever-changing innovation of the iGaming industry works.

Candidates need to spend the time to write a good CV. By doing that, the candidate will show he understands the job requirements and able demonstrate their qualifications and experience effectively.

If you don’t care about preparing yourself, then you are a bad candidate with a shit CV. Those people have no value for me or my iGaming company clients. End of story!

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