Coffee is important for online casinos in Malta


Coffee is important in the Malta iGaming industry, one of the leading iGaming industries worldwide, and this article, we explain the nitty-gritty of coffee culture in Malta along with its pros and cons in the iGaming sector. How can coffee play such an important role in the popularity of online casinos and sports betting?

Did you know the iGaming business accounts for over 13% of Malta’s total GDP? That’s mind-blowing and surprising but with the increase in the iGaming trend the coffee culture it is also booming with new cafes popping up and special products being offered. Whether you are a professional working in the online casino industry, an online gamer, a popular casino streamer, or searching for an online casino job coffee is a must thing!

Do you want to know the connection between coffee and iGaming specifically in Malta? Does coffee influence the iGaming sector in any way? Why has it made its way into meetings and boardrooms for online casino companies? Let’s find out!

How coffee made its way to Malta and iGaming

Back in the 16th century, coffee made its way to the Island of Malta. When the Turkish Muslim slaves were imprisoned during the ‘Great Siege of Malta’, they were forced to make traditional Turkish coffee.
At first, coffee was a favorite beverage of the Maltese upper class, but the island has slowly become a nation of much more discerning coffee consumers. It has led to several specialist coffee shops around the island set up by coffee enthusiasts and the Maltese know how to appreciate a cup of coffee in the right way. While unlike the neighboring states of Italy and Germany, it took longer to stumble upon a place to find the right cup of coffee with caffeinated goodness. With the online casino boom in Malta, several huge gaming companies opened up big offices with cafes and canteens and this is how coffee made its way to Malta’s iGaming industry.

Coffee is a daily routine for online casinos

Coffee is not just breakfast anymore, it is a cornerstone in many other sectors. It is one of the most unifying and ubiquitous products in the world and is consumed at a high volume all over the world.
If we talk about the iGaming industry, people play online 24/7 week in and week out which means employees in different gaming companies face productivity issues. Coffee is a must. Just imagine how German customer service agents can cope with a tough night shift. How do you think Finnish risk, payment, and fraud specialists can monitor player activity and accounts? Swedish product managers make sure the games work at all times and they can’t do their job properly unless they drink large amounts of coffee throughout the day and night.

According to statistics, 43% of employees start their day with coffee while others continue to drink it throughout the day. So, does the coffee improves productivity?
Definitely, yes.

Why people drink coffee

Coffee improves the Mental Performance
Several scientific studies show that caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors that make the brain sleepy. Coffee is rich in caffeine and makes people less tired, sleepy, and more productive. It also improves mental alertness and performance.
In the iGaming industry, when online casino marketing team members take their daily coffee intake, it improves their mental performance and helps them to focus more which is required as the industry is very competitive when it comes to ideas around new casino bonuses and casino player promotions. However, keep this thing in mind that coffee treats every person differently.

Coffee helps to Learn Fast
The iGaming industry is all about learning and when combined with coffee, it helps the employees and new starters to learn fast about new topics like Responsible Gaming, KYC, and Anti-Money laundering (AML).
Learning requires concentration and attention and coffee aids in both. A study has shown that about 200 milligrams of caffeine can improve the human ability to identify sentences and words faster than without coffee. Many entrepreneurs and directors for various online casinos in Malta have claimed that caffeine helps them to acquire new skills, learn the latest technology and excel in business meetings and at iGaming conferences.

Pros of coffee for the online casinos

Sitting in an office for long hours and hammering away on the keyboard between numerous meetings can be tiring. Some casino players can be really annoying, document checks can be tiring, and dealing with demanding casino affiliates can drive you mad. Every role in the Malta iGaming industry requires focus and concentration because you know online casino players, gamers and skillful streamers use a lot of effort and preparation to learn all about the different slots and how to take advantage of a deposit casino bonus. For this reason, coffee helps everyone to stay vigilant, alert, and able to chase winnings and profit.
The use of coffee has been studied in several conditions and few findings have been consistently found that support the use of coffee in the iGaming industry.

If you work for an online casino, coffee affects performance and cognition in the following ways:
● Increases alertness (as a Responsible Gaming analyst’s job is to spot problem players)
● Improves motor activity (which means you can multitask during an event like SIGMA 2022)
● Improves reflex response
● Improves reaction time (for customer service agents dealing with casino player queries)
● Improves subjective well being
● Decreases perception of pain
● Decreases fatigue (while you promote Starburst spins to new casino players)

There is no wonder why coffee is so popular in the iGaming industry of Malta as it affects your alertness, stamina, and motor activity. It will also surely help every job seeker and talented candidate in their job search and job interview preparation.

Cons of coffee for the online casinos

Just like everything, coffee also has cons. Overdosing on coffee is fairy a common issue in the iGaming sector as well as others as sometimes your job in the online casino industry as a German customer service agent might be deadly boring. People can remember a time when they had many coffee cups that made them feel jittery and unfocused.

Here are some of the cons of coffee drinking in Malta iGaming industry:
● Speedy heartbeat
● Anxiety
● Nausea
● Restlessness
● Stained teeth
● Sweating
● Heart palpitation
● Insomnia
● Vomiting
● Dizziness

Final thoughts; Online casinos in Malta need coffee

Coffee is one of the most used beverages all around the globe and it is a popular drink for the casino companies in the Malta iGaming industry. It helps everyone to stay focused and alert for a prolonged time and react quickly, and it gives the ability to remain alert and respond quickly. That might give your casino company a competitive advantage over the competition as the Malta iGaming industry is extremely competitive with popular products like casino bonuses, special promotions, and innovative marketing campaigns. The coffee culture in Malta’s iGaming industry has grown exponentially and helps casino companies, casino streamers, and job seekers achieve their goals in this wonder iGaming industry.

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