Good communication skills are important in iGaming


Communication is the base for every human interaction, whether it is speaking or through text as every relationship is built upon communication. It enables us to express ourselves and to understand others like our friends, enemies and online users.

To build effective interactions it is necessary to develop communication skills that go beyond putting our thoughts into words. These abilities allow us to convey a valid message that can reach your audience as intended.

As a professional you need to work on your communicative skills, oral and written, and if you do then you can improve your professional profile and a world of opportunities will open up. That’s why iGaming companies, gambling casinos and recruiters like Allan at GamingMyJob are always listing communication skills as a key requirement in job descriptions; good communicators can deal with their loyal customers and passionate casino players. You have to remember to highlight this skill when you write your CV!

The importance of having top communication skills

Both employers and employees need to have communication skills as they are abilities that we use to receive and share information. For instance, good communication skills help you express your ideas, opinions or to explain a project to colleagues, managers or key stakeholders.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that there are different set of skills required for face-to-face interactions, phone and email conversations, digital communications or even when presenting at an iGaming conference or board meeting.

Since communications happen in a variety of scenarios, there are different communication skills that you need to develop. As it happens with many other skills they need to be actively practiced to achieve mastering and becoming an effective communicator.

Let’s see some of the top communications skills that international recruiters and HR people for iGaming companies look for in a customer service candidate or what they would like to see in a CV:

1.    Active listening

Has it ever happened to you that you’re speaking to someone but they seem to be somewhere else and not fully paying attention to you? This can lead to misunderstandings and in the professional world it can become a serious issue with bad consequences especially as online casinos are offering important training to new employees.

Active listening means to pay close attention to the speaker by engaging in the conversation, asking questions for further information or even rephrasing to ensure you understand the message. You have to be a good listener if you want to be a strong communicator as one of the most important responsibilities as a customer service agent is to identify and support online gamblers in difficulties they might encounter on your casino site.

When engaging in conversation instead of thinking about what you’ll say next, pay attention to the other person’s voice and tone. It is always a good idea to ask follow-up questions and rephrase the information because you would like to provide casino players and sports betting customers with the best possible solutions in a fast, personal and professional manner that will satisfy their expectations.

2.    Sharing feedback

Being able to provide feedback is an essential skill of a good communicator and ideally it should offer solutions to improve the topic or project. You focus on giving solutions instead of creating a problem and you highlight the positive aspects and explain in a detail way what can be done to get better results.

Whether you are in a managing position or a team leader, providing clear feedback will help your customer service department build better interactions with new employees and colleagues in CRM, Content team, Payment and Fraud, Affiliate Managers, Games and Compliance.

3.    Responsiveness

People who respond faster are considered stronger communicators and more attractive candidates than those that take too much time to get back. This is especially important in iGaming as bonus hunters and high staking VIPs might be asking customer service agents about exclusive deals, a first deposit bonus or special casino promotions in your casino.

When you’re dealing with a lot of responsibilities and tasks it can be somewhat difficult to give an immediate response or provide explanations to online users about different iGaming products like casino, sports betting, bingo or poker. But keep in mind that being responsive doesn’t mean solving every thing as soon as it comes but it helps to build a trusting relationship and to create a good vibe. It is also important to understand, guide, and support players in Responsible Gambling and that’s why it’s important to take a moment to analyse what the email or chat message is about.

What about writing? What skills are the most important?

The biggest challenge of a globalize marketplace is to keep effective communications in the distance. It takes more than using proper grammar to convey your ideas in a way that doesn’t leave room for misunderstandings.

Communication skills share some features with verbal communication. However, in written you are not able to consider things such as body language, tone or facial expressions. In this case you need to work on grammar, punctuation, clarity and choice of words.

1.    Clarity

Being clear in your message allows your reader to understand your message with no confusions. To achieve clarity, you need to use simple language and provide concrete information.

2.    Conciseness

Include only relevant details to communicate your point. Consider that your readers are probably flooded with information and won’t make time to try to understand what you’re trying to say or writing. Don’t be vague or fluffy! Do you remember our advices on how to write a successful CV?

3.    Tone

Keep it professional and formal, but still be polite and respectful. When giving feedback or pointing out mistakes instead of making accusations, identify the issue and explain clearly what should have been done instead.

4.    Grammar and punctuation

The correct use of punctuation is as important as the correct grammar and spelling of words. When you’re unsure on a term or punctuation rule, take your time to verify and correct when necessary. You just can not send a meet and greet email with misspelling to new casino players! And do you really think an online casino would consider you as an interesting candidate if your CV has poor grammar and punctuation mistakes?

Showcasing your communications skills will always search for talented candidates. Having strong communication skills is a key aspect when looking for a job, so it is always a good idea to let recruiters know you’ve worked on these skills. Practice makes the master, so it takes time and determination to be a strong communicator. However, that is one of the most-sought after skills in the iGaming market, you got to know how to communicate through various channels.

Your CV/resume is the first opportunity to show your ability to be clear and concise. Use headlines, bullet points and lists to make it easy to skim with a clear overview of skills, strengths, career experience, education and references.

The interview is another opportunity to let Hiring managers, HR people and recruiters know you are an effective communicator. Don’t be nervous. You just make sure to give concise and clear responses and pay attention to your body language and tone. Candidates with these communication skills will be successful performers in the iGaming industry.


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