Would I ever apply for a Content Writer role in Malta?


Would I ever apply as a content writer and work for an online casino in Malta? Every gambling company in the iGaming industry look for content creators and copy-writers who can write online casino reviews, publish news about the latest game release and translate casino player bonuses. Content is king but being a content writer is actually dead boring!

“Hey, are you a freelance content writer for online casinos? Your job is so easy.”

This is the most common question or comment I hear all the time. People think I sit at home, take care of my clients remotely, and make millions of $$$ in my comfort zone.

They see the bright side and the earnings of my job, but only I know how hard it is for me to manage my content writer job. To be honest, my job looks easy, but in reality it’s not. The only thing people know is that I copy content from a website and paste it for another client. How funny! I mean if writing is just copy-pasting then why do the buyers need us professional casino content writers?

Fed up writing content about casino bonus and free spins !

Obviously the online casinos need content writers to create and publish unique and captivating content to attract readers, but you all know that researching is the hardest part of writing unique and creative content. Especially if you’re writing creatively or writing reviews about casinos, technology, or anything else you have no prior knowledge of.

It has literally taken me hours to write about topics that I am not familiar with, and things get even more complicated when I am asked to write about the same topic over and over again. Another casino game release? Translating casino bonus – again?!? Now imagine how difficult it would be to cook the same meal with different recipes, and the client asks you to cook each recipe having a new and unique flavor.

This is what I face when I write an article with multiple variations. Sometimes the repetitive work seems boring, and I get frustrated writing about the same topic over and over again, keeping in mind that each version will be unique and compelling.

A friend of mine once asked me, “Do you love your job?”

Can you imagine what I replied? “Yes, I love my job, and I’ve been passionate about writing since the beginning. I didn’t know I would become a professional writer, but now my passion has gone out. I have started to hate my job.

She was shocked at my words because she knows how much I love writing.

A content writer has no social life!

I am another content writer who has no social life due to the crazy demand for unique content in iGaming. My social life is completely at an end, I hardly have time to meet anyone. I miss every occasion, have no time to get ready, and usually spend the whole day in my pajamas.

The most frustrating thing is that I don’t have enough time for my family. Sitting in front of my laptop and just writing and researching has also affected myself, I’m not who I used to be. Now I’m an obese woman who doesn’t like to dress up anymore. All I want to do is eat junk food while I write content for online casinos.

Writing used to be my escape, and now I’m trying to escape writing. Can you imagine how frustrated I am? What hits me the hardest is that I’m starting to feel like a ROBOT just pounding my fingers on the keyboard all day.

Another question/request I often get is, “Can you please teach me how to write?” I mean, how can I teach you to write? I can help you fix your writing problems, but I can’t help you write, because to me that’s an innate skill and the only skill that doesn’t need to be taught. However, you can learn other skills, but writing is not for you if you can’t do it.

Moreover, writing is not for you if you are a social animal and want to roam around freely. It literally took days for anyone in my family to hear my voice because I usually spend all day in my room, and when I need something, I just write them a message.

Can you imagine how boring it is to message your family member your needs when you can go and do it yourself? But no! Since we writers are just keyboard warriors, it has become our habit to just type, type, and type.

So far, I’m working remotely as a freelance writer. However, I would love the opportunity to become part of a team/office where I meet more people like me, so I don’t feel like a fish out of water.

Which online casinos in Malta hire content writers?

That’s why I want to work as a content writer for one of the online casinos in Malta iGaming but who is hiring right now? Such a job would suit me well, I can write during normal office hours from 9am to 5pm while sparring casino content ideas with my colleagues and also be able to enjoy my social life outside the company office. Also, Malta is an iGaming industry, and the work experience in an iGaming industry would be very different and interesting.

I have been searching for content writer jobs in Malta in the past, and I am glad that there are plenty of iGaming jobs in Malta that require my various skills and strengths which include experience in writing unique casino reviews, press releases about a new casino campaign and exclusive bonuses and other creative content.

I dare to say I am a creative content writer who knows everything about casino bonuses, free spins and how to write about the last casino game release.

But which online casinos in Malta hire a frustrated and grumpy content writer?


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