How many different ways can I describe a casino bonus?


Casino bonus is everything in the online gaming industry, especially when it comes to content. 

As a content writer, I often get compliments that I do the easiest job in the world. According to them, writing is just a copy-paste task, and all I do is just go through 2 or 3 websites, merge the content, and I’m ready with new content! Sometimes they even accused me of using AI writer or some software to generate articles. Wow great! Do you really think it’s that easy? If so, why don’t you do it yourself and start earning money as a content writer writing about the amazing casino bonuses?

I’m fed up with casino bonuses

Casino bonus writing is a challenge! I always wanted to be a writer but never thought that being a writer, or should I say a casino content writer, is one of the most challenging jobs ever. We are expected to deliver the same content over and over again with refreshing, creative, and new words. For example, every article about a casino must include a section describing the bonuses offered.

You won’t find a single article that doesn’t contain a section about the bonuses they offer. But to be honest, all the casino bonuses are the same; so if the bonuses are the same, how can the words be different? How can we describe the offers from online casinos in different variations? We are human writers, not robots which can create new words and phrases for the same content every time. Even robots will struggle to create unique creative content for repetitive topics, so how can I?

I mean, online gambling is a huge industry, and the theme can be much more extensive in terms of offers, promotions, new games, and more. So why does the gambling industry always ask us writers to focus only on bonuses? Isn’t there anything else I can do for the casinos in the Malta iGaming industry? What about reviewing the latest casino games, inform about the new payment methods, prepare an online game play guide, or other similar topics? Why is it always about casino bonuses only?

How can casino bonus be unique content?

Casino bonus articles are killing me. I must have written more than 200 casino articles, which means I’ve written about casino bonuses about 200 times, which is no small feat. Still, the gaming companies keep asking me to write unique content for the bonus section every time. I am sick and tired of that now.

The thought that my life is only limited to gaming bonuses is killing me. I want to do something innovative and creative. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that exploring the vast iGaming industry is my dream; I don’t want to limit my creativity to a single niche. However, according to them, mentioning bonuses is necessary for their business. The focus on promoting bonus will apparently attract more casino players.

Writing articles for companies in Malta iGaming industry can be fun, though writing about the same topic over and over again is not exciting. Undoubtedly, writing helps me earn a good amount of money, but it seems that I am stuck. All I have to do is write about repetitive topics and have no chance to innovate, create or present.

My strategy before writing about a particular topic starts with brainstorming. I always brainstorm, research the content, jot down key facts and figures and then create a draft which eventually leads to a final piece. It has always taken me more than 2 hours to write just 500 words of content, which is actually fun because I enjoy doing this. Writing becomes fun for me when I learn many new things while researching a topic. However, when it comes to writing a casino bonus, it takes me more than 4 to 5 hours because I go blank, and my brain stops working as there is nothing to research. I know what comes next, and now I am at that point where all the possible synonyms and phrases fail to come to mind. How can I keep the integrity and uniqueness of the content?

Haunted by casino bonuses

Casino bonus has become a nightmare for me! I’m not kidding, every other night, I have dreams where these bonuses are chasing me, and I’m running into the void. This made me think I should give up writing for a while, or maybe for good because casino bonuses are haunting me, and I can’t take it anymore. It is not like I have developed grudges against writing, but I am fed up with casino bonuses. You won’t believe this, but I’ve been reading many articles trying to focus on what’s important, but it seems like it’s all in vain. Nothing is working for me.

I’m a full-time mom, and I also have housework and family stuff to do, so I can’t spend all my time on one subject and end up tired. I know the iGaming industry is vast, and there is a lot to write about that will be new and exciting for me. It is just my humble request to the owners not to ask me to write the same content over and over again.

Believe me, I am an innovative writer, and if given a chance, I will take your business to the next level, but writing about casino bonuses is not my cup of tea anymore. Writing about the same content, again and again, has made me tired, and I’m thinking of taking a long break. Maybe I should just pack it in?

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