Don’t do these mistakes in a job interview!


Do you know when your job interview process starts? The interviewing starts as soon as you share your CV with a recruiter or hiring manager as this is about first impression and how to present yourself. Does the candidate have a professional profile? What about language and grammar? Which abilities and strengths are listed? 

In the first of two articles about “interview mistakes” I will share my own experiences as a hiring manager, job seeker, and recruiter because I have been sitting on all sides of the table in a job interview as I worked for big gaming operators like Bwin, LeoVegas, and Videoslots.
Please don’t expect me to tell you how to dress for a job interview, when to arrive, how to give a proper handshake, or that you need to switch off your phone before the interview!

All I want is that you prepare for the interview and do your homework. If you do you will avoid these typical mistakes made by candidates in a job interview:

This job interview is not all about you!

Some standard opening questions could be:
Please tell us more about you? What are your skills and strengths?
Why are you a good fit for this role? How can you improve our company’s success?

Stop! Don’t do the mistake that some candidates have done; They can not stop talking about themselves, what they want, how good this job is for them and their career. This self-centered focus will not get you off to a good start.

1st advice: You understand how business life works
You will earn a salary because you have the skills/strengths that the company is searching for. They don’t pay a salary as a friendly favor or because you dream about working for an online casino, no way, they hire because you have skills that will help them reach new profit targets and increase future success. You have to understand that an employer not only pays your salary but the company also covers health insurance for the employee, invests in personal development schemes and office equipment package for hybrid work flexibility, etc.

2nd advice: You need to have a clear idea about your strengths and weaknesses.
You listed your abilities and skills in your CV, right? Then just be yourself and present yourself with confidence. However, if you are not able to explain or understand how your experience and education fit with what the company is looking for then you have a problem. It’s good to show confidence because you have the right background experience and can prove it. Just don’t be emotional or cocky because nobody likes that behavior and you should always avoid praising yourself.

3rd advice: Let the interviewer talk
The interviewer will sell the company and ask questions to you. Please don’t interrupt them although I will always encourage a conversation that will include questions from the candidate but it means that you need to know when to talk, when to listen and when to keep your mouth shut. Sometimes interviewers get carried away during an interview,  and that´s why it would be a smart move by the candidate to ask some questions to turn the interview into an interesting business conversation.

Why would you turn up unprepared for a job interview?

Other questions you might have to expect from an interviewer:
Why are you here? Why did you apply for the role?
What did you think about our online casino website and layout?

You need to come prepared! You need to do your research before the interview!
Please read the job description and study the various tasks and responsibilities for the role. Check out the company and its business as this is your homework!

1st advice: You need to know the company website and products offered
If you care, you prepare! You find information with the help of Google, Linkedin, and Social Media. You check the website, URLs, company information, key people and shareholders, and last but not least how your personality and abilities can add value to the organization. I dislike lazy ignorant candidates who turn up unprepared, that’s embarrassing for both you as a candidate, me as a recruiter, and for the hiring managers as they have wasted valuable time. Researching is easy and very valuable as being unprepared will lead to frustration and failure every time in an interview.

2nd advice: You need to know why you want the job
The job search process is tough competition because many candidates are applying for the same job. You are competing against other people who have similar skill sets and you have to know how you can stand out compared to them.
That’s why you need to prepare, research and fight and not just show up with only “hope”… If the Head of Customer Service at Ultra Casino invites you to a meeting in Malta then you need to able to explain why you attend that job interview. Can you do it? It’s definitely not because “Allan Aasterud the Recruiter sent me here” or that “I want a better-paid job”! This will not impress anyone.

You can start by telling about your past, educational background, and your previous work experience in iGaming and then if you can explain how your skills can make their business prosper financially, you will certainly be ahead of other candidates in the recruitment process. You should always focus on your big selling points and avoid focusing on unnecessary information!

3rd advice: You need to smile and show energy
You don’t smile and you don’t engage in good conversation? You don’t keep eye contact, you are slow to respond and there is a clear lack of enthusiasm. What is your problem? If you show low energy, why should the company consider hiring you? During a job interview, you should always show interest and be enthusiastic. A smile is free energy and hiring managers like to hire people they like.

Topics for discussion in next week’s article

Early next week I will follow up with the 2nd part of this article about “interview mistakes” and advise about which questions you should ask an interviewer and why you should ask those questions. Nerves can affect you during an interview and I will give some examples of how to avoid them ruining your chances in the job search. Did you ever bring a notepad to an interview so you could make notes and list some questions? Did you bring extra copies of your CV to share with the interview and hiring manager?
And why don’t more candidates follow up after the job interview with a thank-you email to the company and interviewer?

Until next week, please be polite, stay focused and keep smiling!


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