Gambling Casino Myths: Are These For Real?


We all know a myth about casinos or gambling, right?

It is not wrong to say that we live in the 21st century, yet we are surrounded by people who still believe in myths and misconceptions. It seems that myths are notoriously challenging to die out. Interestingly, these myths are not new and have been passed down from generation to generation.

For example, a few decades ago, people believed that casinos were not for respectable people. At that time, people who gamble were not considered decent people. It was a devil’s game. However, over time casinos have taken their dominant place in the gambling industry. People have finally realized that, like other games, gambling is also a game that helps keep the mind fresh and active. Who hasn’t made a deposit online to secure an online casino bonus? Who hasn’t talked to friends about gambling and the latest casino news? Why do you think online casinos in Malta keep hiring new employees?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we cannot free ourselves from social stigmas. So, yes, some people still associate gambling with myths. We believe that casino winnings are a combination of luck and skill, which has given gambling a mysterious aura and led to various gambling myths. Some of these myths may be loosely connected to reality, while others are just productions of excessive imagination.

In this article, you will get to know some exciting myths that you may have heard many times, but here you can find out for yourself whether these myths are true or not.

Gambling makes you lose all your money

At first, we have the most common myth that gambling will surely make you lose your money, which is not true at all!

Some claim that the odds of winning at gambling are very low. Those who win must carry a lucky charm with them. Whereas people who fail to win the game keep on adding more and more money to the game and hence end up losing all their hard-earned money, but that’s how people think.

If you know the tips and tricks to win the game, and if you are smart enough to know when to stop, you can save your money. So, gambling is not, but you are responsible for losing your money.

Gambling is addictive

Some people think that gambling is highly addictive and it’s important that both online casinos and casino players are aware of the Responsible Gaming procedures. We all want a safe environment for players.  However, we believe that this depends from person to person. It can be addictive at times, but again, it depends on the person as to how they protect themselves from addiction.

To be honest, you can get addicted to anything if your willpower is weak. So it would be wrong to call one thing specifically an addiction.

Gambling is forbidden or a sin

This myth is as useless as a pen without ink. You can avoid gambling depending on your religious beliefs, but calling it a sin is not worth it, is it? Religious beliefs aside, there is nothing wrong with gambling; it is not inherently evil.

The problem starts when a person becomes addicted or gets into financial trouble. So what if they do? A person can be addicted to anything, and if he suffers financial losses, do you call the thing evil or someone who has no control over his willpower?

All gambling casinos are imposters

Now, this is something serious; how can you call an entire gaming industry a scam? Ok! We believe that there might be some bad fish that can fool you, but that doesn’t mean that every casino is dishonest.

Even if you search for the Malta iGaming industry, you will find the whole industry is full of positive reviews. Many online casino players have made a significant profit so far, online casino streamers are popular as they promote new games and gamble with big casino bonuses. So, if the whole industry is a scam, not even a single person can enjoy a profit and end up losing all their money.

Gambling and casinos are only for wealthy people

One of the funniest myths regarding casinos and the iGaming industry is that only rich people are allowed to play in casinos. Although you need money before playing in a casino, it is up to the casino players how much money they want to spend. Usually, wealthy people are more interested in gambling than others, even if they start playing with a small amount of money. They understand casino bonuses and the value of VIP service. However, this does not make an ordinary person any less because casinos are accessible to everyone. All you need is to be keen and smart while gambling to win big without losing your money. Can you do that?

Moreover, the best thing about gambling is that many casinos offer various casino bonuses like a welcome bonus or a winning bonus for new players. So, if you are a new player, you have an 80% chance to double your money and you can find these bonuses being offered by every online casino in the Malta iGaming industry.

Casinos pump out extra oxygen to gamblers

Although this is an urban myth, many people in today’s world still believe that casinos in Las Vegas and Macau pump out the oxygen to keep their players awake and wanting to play more and more. How in the world is that possible? But still, many people believe in this unusual myth.

Can’t they understand that pumping out oxygen can lead to severe complications? Casino rooms can be cooler just to make you feel comfortable. It has nothing to do with this useless myth; you are still breathing the same air with the same oxygen level. So please, leave this myth alone!

Last words

Land-based casinos in Las Vegas and online casinos in Malta are for everyone, and many people visit casinos for different reasons. Some gamblers want to win big to double their money, others want to enjoy their leisure time, while online players can easily secure a casino bonus through the online casino app on their cellphones.

If someone is not a casino lover or does not gamble, it does not mean they can believe or spread such gambling casino myths. Whether you gamble or not is your personal preference, which you cannot impose on others. So it is better to stay away from such myths. Just live and hope for the jackpot!

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