How can I get a job in an Online Casino?


While traditional industries are in global decline, the digital revolution of the last two decades offers a lot of opportunities. Who would know better than me as my 16 year long career in iGaming has taken me from customer service role in London, Business development in Scandinavia and Norwegian country manager in Malta. The online gambling revolution of the last few years has allowed the birth of a huge industry in which, of course, it is possible to find interesting job career opportunities. iGaming, is it the place to be in 2022?

It should be known that online casinos are complex businesses in which a number of professionals strive to meet the needs of the players. Most people aren’t aware of the effort and dedication it takes to build and maintain a quality online website, and in this article I will put the spotlight on talented people with great experience in their sector who remain hidden behind the screens. Who are they and which roles do they fill?


What is an Online Casino?

We all know the answer to this question, but when looking for a job in any industry it is necessary to be well informed. You can call it online casino, virtual casino or internet casino because we are talking online casino versions of traditional land-based casinos. Who hasn’t placed a sports bet with BetUs or played casino on Mr Vegas in 2022 via their mobile phone or laptop? Casino slots are enjoyed by millions of people each day and the popularity increases week by week, because it’s so easy and innovative. That’s why there are many new roles opening up in the iGaming industry but it also means that new employees must have specific knowledge on subjects that are not usually studied in any university.

Who works in an Online Casino?

Here we will detail some of the positions to which people can apply if they wish to work in an online casino and you can find more specific info about these roles in our JOBS section.

1-Customer Service Agents

This is an important group of professionals who deal with casino player, sports betting customers and other online users. Multilingual teams with agents are handling e-mails, Live Chat and phone support in various languages like German, Finnish, Japanese, Dutch and Norwegian. The customer service department will handle account verification (KYC) and follow up on banking issues (deposits/withdrawals), bonus calculation, promotional info and Responsible Gaming matters. And the most popular question the casino players keep asking is: Do your casino offer a welcome bonus to new players signing up?

2-Graphic Designers

Do you have a fanatical attention to visual details and keen to increase user friendliness in digital products? Like all websites, online casinos need creative design professionals who can design cool banners,  landing pages with exclusive promo info and social media adverts. There is a great demand for talented graduates in iGaming who can work for operators, affiliate and game providers and they will be busy with the creation and execution of UX and digital products and print design.

3-Software Developers

Software developers have a wide range of options when it comes to working for an online casino because there is a huge demand for technical expertise!  That’s why we joined forces with Click Recruitment in the battle of finding candidates with digital and technological knowledge, because we would like to be part of shaping the new digital landscape in iGaming including Software Engineering, DevOps & Cloud and Architecture.

Skilled Software Developers will analyze and design, produce quality software documentation and optimization in the day-to-day operations. Gaming companies in Malta are always looking for PHP developers to work on their backend platform, and it’s not easy to find Frontend Developers who can Design and implement new features and propose architectural solutions. If you can write code, perform code reviews, do testing, understand importance of security and deliver well-written solutions, please contact Allan Aasterud now!

There is a growing industry trend towards mobile devices, so now is a great time to specialize in mobile casino software development.

4-Marketing professionals

In an industry as competitive as the gaming industry, the marketing department becomes one of the most important engine rooms in the company. In this department we can find specialists in Digital Marketing, CRM, Social Media, SEO, PPC, PR and Affiliate Marketing.

University education, experience in online sales and good negotiation skills are recommended, as well as a data driven, analytical, great communication skills and extensive knowledge of the iGaming industry. Job descriptions will often include that certain companies will require previous experience from campaign management or paid social media activities in the digital marketing landscape. If you are interested in knowing more about Customer Acquisition through tracking and reporting, then you should keep an eye on current open roles in the marketing field.

5-Content Writers

Writing professionals can find a good outlet for their passion in the gaming industry. Copywriters and translators are in regular need and journalism professionals have chosen to turn their careers around, specialize in this field and start a career that can be very profitable. The typical content writer has excellent writing skills and some previous experience as a copy writer, translator or iGaming background. Having understanding of SEO and HTML will always be a bonus in the application process and last but not least, creativity is a key word.

6-Payment, Fraud and Risk Analysts

Every document and activity regarding any online player needs to be registered, checked, monitored and managed by the financial department. That is why in these companies we can find Accountants, Payment Executives or Anti-Fraud Specialists among others.  For this job it is essential to have good knowledge of online payment systems, the due diligence process and an eye for details to be able to interpret data and casino player behavior.

Professionals with complementary training in online fraud are highly valued in the sector, which must control and deal with numerous fraud attempts almost every day. People in this department investigate and document account findings because they understand the importance of gambling responsibility. The ideal candidates would know a bit about the European AML regulations and ready to fight cyber crime in 2022.


Job opportunities in Online Casinos

There are already many online casino websites that are enjoying the growth of this fascinating industry. As the industry is constantly changing, there are sites that specialize in offering online casino jobs like

A quick glance will reveal the range of activities that can be associated with online gambling, from software development that involves the creation of exciting gaming product portfolios, to web development that allows online users to search and play games in a secure environment.

And, like any industry, online gaming relies heavily on accurate marketing methods that use the latest innovations to raise awareness of these popular activities through a variety of media, from TV commercials to simple blog posts.

It’s always a good idea to start by listing your relevant skills and qualifications to see if you’re going to fit into this industry. A little research on job sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram can give you a quick idea of the type of jobs that are in urgent demand. Language skills and gaming industry knowledge is always very helpful in increasing your possibilities in securing interviews and job meetings with HR and Hiring managers etc.

Above all, it is important to remember that as this is a new industry, the various roles and applications available are always changing, so there is no better time than now to get involved in this fascinating world.

Turn your hobby into a future iGaming career

Unfortunately, few people are able to say that they enjoy their work. In the online gaming industry, yes, it is possible. Making one of your passions your livelihood is perhaps one of the greatest achievements that can be made in the workplace. Whether you have considered starting a career in an online casino or are simply looking for new professional adventures, we hope you find this article useful.

Now that you are determined to become an iGaming professional, you are faced with a great challenge and you must be aware that the task you have set yourself demands a great deal of patience, preparations and real discipline. With effort and dedication nothing is impossible! Online casinos are constantly looking for innovative, motivated and efficient people and that can be you if you are interested in product, technology and having responsible gaming at your heart.

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