How to be a successful Japanese in Malta casino job search


This is a success story about a Japanese candidate who was searching for a customer service job in the Malta iGaming industry. If you as a Japanese have ever felt nervous or worried about moving abroad, have questions about the online casino recruitment process , or how to prepare for a job interview as a Japanese customer service agent, then you will enjoy reading below. 

Hello, I am Mayu from Kanagawa in Japan. In this interview, I will explain what life is like in Malta for Japanese people and what I have explored about myself and my job search experience.

I was just a nervous and inexperienced young language student moving to Malta but so curious about European working life. Now today I feel I have transformed into a young businesswoman who is very excited about the future. Now you must be thinking, why this change?

While studying in Malta, I realized that a good job recruiter could provide unique advice and open new doors to online gaming companies in Malta because I knew nothing about the job market, recruitment process, or online casinos. Welcoming the help and advice of an iGaming recruiter will be the best decision you’ve made on your career path, as your future can change in ways you might never imagine!

Why the Japanese search for casino jobs in Malta

Kanagawa is close to Tokyo and a popular destination for millions of tourists and travellers. I was just happy to swap life in a busy concrete jungle and enjoy Malta, the tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea. I never had to stress about crowded trains or worry about travel time, and I felt really safe walking around. Malta is one of the safest countries, much like Japan, and I don’t have to worry about traveling alone late at night.

I was attracted to Malta’s cheerful atmosphere, uncomplicated lifestyle, and calm beaches. Three hundred days of sunshine, that’s incredible! To be honest, I am a water animal, so I spend almost all day going to different beaches that are easily accessible and where you can swim from May to October. Likewise most other tourists, I also try to speak English, and I still can’t forget the beautiful nightlife that never really ends.

However, what intrigued me the most was that several of my Japanese friends searched for jobs in Malta iGaming, an industry I was completely unfamiliar with. What kind of jobs were available? I knew nothing about internet casino or sportsbetting or I didn’t have any experience from Japanese customer service.

Could Japanese customer service be my opportunity?

I realized quickly that the Japanese online gambling market is booming and there are several job opportunities for Japanese. We tech-savvy Japanese love gambling and online entertainment so it didn’t surprise me that online casino business is growing rapidly. Luckily for me, Malta is one of the few countries looking for Japanese candidates to fill online gaming job roles in Europe and one of the popular roles is ‘Japanese customer service‘. Could this be a job opportunity for me to build a life in Europe and relocate from Japan?

I was a bit concerned; how could I secure a job in the Malta iGaming industry? Would online casino companies in Malta find my profile interesting enough? What are the duties and responsibilities of the Japanese customer service agent?

I am enthusiastic, energetic, and ready to learn but I lacked career experience. Unfortunately, the doubts started to creep in now and my concerns were: communication will be in English, cultural differences, the online gaming industry is foreign to me etc.

That’s quite a normal right? Japanese people are experts at making ourselves small, aren’t we?

How to help Japanese candidates in Malta job search

I knew that Malta would be a big career move and it was a job search process that I couldn’t handle alone. I had little or no experience working as a full-time employee in Japan but I was determined. Remembering my university life, my friends’ stories about working in Japan, and my internship experiences in Japan, I was sure I wanted to get out of Japan and work abroad. I was just afraid that iGaming companies and online casinos in Malta would see me as an immature university student with no experience compared to other Japanese candidates.

Therefore, I started contacting people through social media, i.e Facebook worked well for me. I was able to connected with Allan Aasterud, a trained recruiter in Malta and an iGaming veteran who has worked for companies like Bwin, Videoslots and currently Click Recruitment. Little did I know that during the job search process the same recruiter would became like my mentor, and advising me on recruitment process, personal development, and focusing on communication skills in both writing and speaking.

Learning how to write a proper CV was very useful. Instead of worrying about limited work experience, the recruiter focused on highlighting my skills and strengths, adding important details about my internship, and listing some of my favorite subjects in education. I felt like a new person when I saw my improved resume! That’s when I knew I could be a potential candidate for a job as a Japanese customer service agent in Malta.

The support from a recruiter in Malta was very inspiring and I learned so much more about myself. The key word throughout the job search and recruitment process is COMMUNICATION. I learned so much: about how to prepare myself, what to expect in a job interview process, which questions to ask, and how to present myself. Yes, you are right, it’s all about communication.

Good advices to Japanese before online casino job interview

Being supported by Allan Aasterud was invaluable and now I had the opportunity to prove myself as a talented Japanese candidate. I was ready for the interview stage… My first interview was for a Japanese customer service role and the employer was a popular online casino in Malta iGaming industry. Interview scheduled for Friday, 3 days away and then the nerves started creeping in.

My mind was spinning with a lot of questions such as; what do I say? How do I present myself? How long the interview will take? I like talking but what if I say something wrong? Should I be a quiet listener?
What if they expect me to be a specialist about Japanese online gaming and casino bonuses?

I felt my stomach was turning, my mind was messed-up with so many doubts and I couldn’t sleep. I was just a young Japanese girl who knew nothing about Maltese job interview style.

That’s why it’s important to have support from international recruiters in our job search. They know Malta iGaming industry and European business behavior. Honestly, I felt a virtual supportive arm was put around my shoulders but it wasn’t all about sweet-talking and lulling me into a comfort zone. What really surprised me was the competitive attitude from the recruiter. He challenged me! I was asked to grow up, be strong, and show confidence. Why? Because in every recruitment process and job search we face tough competition from other talented Japanese candidates. I was like; WOW!

So, I advise you to follow the advices I was given:

• Prepare yourself for the interview
• Ask questions
• Communicate, listen, and, smile

These are important questions to ask in a Japanese job interview

Do you know that Japanese job candidates don’t ask questions in an interview? My recruiter in Malta trained me to prepare for asking questions in the interview with the online casino. It made me nervous, but the explanation is simple. If you prepare well and ask questions, you show the interviewer that you have interest and enthusiasm for the job.

The recruiter challenged me directly;
“First impression is always important. The job search is tough and there are a lot of Japanese candidates available in the job market. The job search market in Malta and Europe is very competitive and that’s why I expect candidates to check out the company link or an online casino website before the interview. Some candidates register and play online, chatting with a Japanese customer service agent, reading about casino bonuses, etc. Of course, you should always ask questions in an interview as you would like more more information about the company and the job.”

General questions to ask in an interview;
• What is the size of the Japanese customer service team?
• Does the company provide training for new employees?
• Where is the office located in Malta?
• What is the shift schedule?
• What are the company’s ambitions and future plans for the Japanese iGaming market?
• What about the salary and relocation package?
• Why is this company a good choice for you as a Japanese job candidate? How is their company culture?

Why good communication is important in Japanese job search

We can’t compare Malta and Japan as the two countries vary in business culture, lifestyle, and behavioral thinking but I honestly feel that the people in Malta are friendlier than the Japanese. It is easier to make friends and it also means that the job interview style is more friendly and relaxed. I really enjoyed the interview but after speaking to Hiring manager and team leader I had so many questions. Maybe the recruiter could help me?

• How many people will pass the interview? What is the next step if they like me?
• What is the difference between people who pass or fail the interview?
• Do you have any feedback about how I did in the interview?
• Will I be given a written test?
• How long does it usually take to get the result after a job interview?
• Will they contact me directly or through my gaming recruiter?

Now, learn this from my own experience, ok? As a Japanese candidate, I was really keen on instant feedback which is normal for most people on a job search in Malta. However, we candidates must also understand that the recruiter would like to receive feedback after an interview,  from candidates like myself. This is important because the recruiter put in a lot of hard work into preparing a candidate for the interview, including boosting my confidence through communication, sharing links, and making an introduction to key people in the Malta iGaming industry. My recruiter expected nothing but genuine, honest, and transparent communication from my side because my feedback is also a tool for the recruiter to improve their performance and knowledge.

Seriously, how can recruiters like Allan help in your job search and recruitment process if they don’t receive feedback after the interview or meeting? If a candidate remains silent after a job interview, that’s an injustice to the recruiter.


The best recruiters in the Malta iGaming industry know which companies are currently looking for talented Japanese applicants. They know whether the company culture suits the candidates’ personalities and which roles will be a perfect fit for their skills and abilities. There is always a demand for attentive Japanese people with communication skills and excellent customer service attitude in Malta, and recruiters can give great career advices and introduce you to online casinos. You might find the perfect job if you prepare well for interviews!

I’m excited to start my new job in the Malta iGaming industry and I’ll never forget the advice I received during the recruitment process. I succeeded as a Japanese job candidate in my job search in Malta because I received excellent guidance from a qualified recruiter in the areas I couldn’t handle independently. I asked questions in the job interview to show my enthusiasm and interest in getting the Japanese customer service job and I’m so excited about my future in the online casino industry.


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