How to get a Customer Service job?


Customer Service agents are the face, ears and voice of any business. These passionate individuals are responsible for dealing with any concerns that customers may have about the products and services offered. However, their tasks and responsibilities may vary from iGaming companies in Malta, tech corporations in Barcelona and local sports betting offices in Cyprus. The main focus of this customer support role is to be customer-centric and focused on delivering the best possible experience online and offline.

Main Roles of a Costumer Service agent in iGaming

The customer service agent plays a key role in an organization because we all know that outstanding customer service is crucial for any success. That’s why communication skills are so important in our recruitment process when we review candidate profiles!

The support agent will be a first point of contact for online users, active customer and casino players through live chat, email and phone calls.

  • Enabling the customer service team to focus on the customer and deliver an amazing experience.
  • Provide customer data insights to the marketing and sales departments in an effort to continue to grow the organization and reduce churn.
  • Know the organization’s products inside and out to intervene on escalated customer issues that the team cannot solve.
  • Continue to iterate ways to improve performance, efficiency and effectiveness based on metrics and customer feedback.
  • Measure and report to other stakeholders on the efforts and successes of the customer service department.

If you believe you are a talented candidate for customer service roles, then please contact us as we have several open iGaming jobs in Malta and Cyprus

5 important tasks for a Costumer Service Agent

It is well known that customer service agents are crucial employees within a company. However, there are still many people who do not have a clear understanding of what their specific job is. Here are 5 tasks which are being handled by a Customer Service Agent.

1.    Maintaining long-lasting relationships with players and VIPs

To retain high-value casino players over the long term, the agent must personally show them why they should stay with the company. To perform this function, the agent is often the only customer service agent with whom a customer can interact one-on-one. Therefore, it is essential that they build strong relationships and increase their life-cycle value through product knowledge, exclusive casino promotions and VIP bonuses etc.

2.    Hire and train new members of the customer service team.

After hiring, the online gaming companies ensure that new employees are properly trained and equipped with all the tools the agents need to do their job well. Customer Service Team Leaders and Managers are in charge of assigning the required trainings and agents are helping new employees adapt to their new roles. Be aware, there is a big focus on training related to problem gambling to be able to understand, guide and support players in Responsible Gambling.

After training, both experienced agents and managers continue to support their team and colleagues by answering questions and becoming a valuable resource to them during the workday. Just because they have completed training does not necessarily mean they are fully ready to meet the challenges. Training continues when a unique scenario arises, so it is important for managers to be patient and thoughtful especially dealing with the increased risk of cyber crime, how to understand AML and that any suspicious activity should be reported.

3.    Set goals for the team and check progress.

Customer service supervisors must ensure that all representatives understand their responsibilities and they also have to make sure that the employees are able to meet company objectives in a timely manner. The main goal is to satisfy online players and loyal customers with quality solutions in a personal and professional manner that exceeds their expectations.

That’s why it can be helpful for team and departments to set individual goals for each employee, especially early in their career. This provides basic metrics to track their progress and growth through weekly or bi-weekly goals and meet with them often to check in on their progress and make sure their workload isn’t exhausting.

Employees should constantly feel challenged but it is important to set clear goals customer service representatives because it helps them succeed.

4.    Represent the voice of the customer

No successful company can exist without its customers, but many employees don’t understand what they really want and need. That’s where the customer service manager comes in.

By working so closely with customers, managers have the unique opportunity to hear feedback directly from them. By actively doing so, they discover problems that need to be solved, likes and dislikes about a particular product or service, and comments about the customer’s involvement with your business.

It is their responsibility to understand these customers inside and out, and to convey their views to other managers and executives. They help bridge the gap between the company and the customer and provide a better experience by allowing their voice to be heard.

5.    Dealing with employee problems and consequences.

Unfortunately, there are times when managers notice abnormal problems with their customer service representatives. These can range from neglecting responsibilities, being disrespectful to customers or other employees, to skipping shifts, among other things.

If these problems arise, managers must remain calm and establish a plan of action. It can be difficult to enforce the law, but it is an important job of this position.

Managers will most likely meet with the employee, hear their side of the story, and inform them of any necessary consequences. In general, they should always be in communication with each member of their team and let them know that they are an authority figure that no one should or can take advantage of.

The importance of a good customer service job

If an employee does not treat a customer well, is indifferent or has a bad attitude towards the customer’s needs, it can cause the customer to leave upset and not return.

Employees are also one of the reasons why customers are lost and can also be the reason why consumers remain using a product or service. This is because if they get a good service, they feel listened to and valued. Hence the importance of knowing their needs, of doing a research to know them in depth.

Being in direct contact with a customer allows enormous possibilities to motivate cross-selling. Therefore, you should know that a good customer service agent is personnel that should be well trained. This will ensure that a company’s customers will have a pleasant experience.


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