How to make a successful CV


Whether you are unemployed or if you have a job but aspire to a better position, you must have a good CV. The CV is a key document to access iGaming companies, a fundamental tool for finding a job in an international firm and making yourself known as a professional. That’s why you must take care of it to the maximum because you want your written resume to create a strong first impression.

The main objective of a resume right now is to attract attention and to stand out from the rest of applicants  by presenting a summary of skills, strengths, career experience and education.

Our team at iGamingMyJob will give you all the keys on how to make a perfect professional resume and make sure your candidate profile is unbeatable.

8 quick tips on writing a good CV

1-Good photo

If you decide to put a photo on your resume, you must take great care with the photo. Don’t choose just any photo! We recommend that you take a good, professional, well-lit photo, where you can see your face, you are looking straight ahead and you come out with a friendly gesture. There should be no objects blocking your face that could cast shadows.

If possible, it should not be a full body image. It is better if only the face appears. You can have the same photo on all your social networks and your blog. This way, you make it easier for the person who searches for you on Google.

Of course, do not put a cropped photo where you appear at a party with friends, drinking in a bar or flexing in front of a gym mirror. You must transmit a serious and professional image. Don’t forget what we have already mentioned, this is all about first impression.

2-Simple language

Do not use technical terms or words that are too complicated. Use simple language that anyone can understand.

Keep in mind that, many times, your CV goes to HR departments, a recruitment agent or a hiring manager. Therefore, they do not necessarily have to master the codes of all areas of the company. But, on the other hand, they are the ones in charge of filtering the most interesting resumes, so you should seduce and conquer them at a glance.

3-Personal data

Next to the photo, the first data you should put on the resume are your name, surname, nationality, e-mail, Skype ID and which city you are located. We know that this point is quite obvious but, believe me, there are still people who forget or misspell this basic information.

As for the email, we recommend that it is a serious email address. It is best if it includes your first and last name or your initials.

Don’t even think of adding that email account you have for friends with inappropriate or funny words.

4-Blog and Social Networks

It is interesting that next to your personal data you include a direct link to your website or blog and your professional Social Networks. If you don’t have them, we highly recommend you to do so. We also advise you to share valuable content about your profession weekly on Twitter and LinkedIn because especially the latter is like a Facebook for igaming individuals and gambling companies.

5-Title that defines you as a professional

As a header sentence of your resume or just below your personal data you can put a title that defines you as a professional. For example, if you work in online marketing you can write Payment and Fraud analyst, Payment Product Specialist or Affiliate Manager.

Above all, it is about highlighting those functions and profiles that best fit the position and the company you are targeting.

6-Brief summary

To make your resume attractive and easy to read, you should be brief and concise. Write short sentences but make it feel unique. If there is something you can tell in two words, don’t use more. Do you need to describe you as a motivated candidate who is working hard? Are you really highlighting that you are a conflict solver? What does that mean?

Remember: avoid long sentences and offer the information in a schematic way.

A good resume should be scannable. In other words, the person reading it should be able to grasp the most important data in just a few seconds.

Recruiters take an average of 7 seconds to decide whether a CV is interesting or not. Keep this in mind.

7-Use of keywords

We call keywords the most used and searched terms by people about a topic or sector. In this case, we suggest that you detect the keywords of your professional profile and the sector in which you want to work so that you can include them in your resume.

Also highlight your professional characteristics that best fit with the company you are applying to and that could be iGaming experience like Responsible Gaming, Customer Service, AML, KYC, CRM or Content writing.

8-Add a professional profile

When you lack the professional experience in the field you are applying to, it is always a good idea to write a short professional profile.

We call it Professional Profile, Summary or Candidate description and in this section you can describe yourself and talk about your skills and ability to learn.  Why are you an interesting candidate? What can you offer to a company? Where did you learn your skills and strengths?

Honesty in a CV gives excellent first impression

Honesty when detailing professional experience is a personal matter that qualifies the integrity of people. Not only experience is synonymous with being a good employee, but also one’s own values and knowing how to apply them in all circumstances.

With the resume you should have the strategy of making visible and highlighting the experience, training and skills that best match the job description. If there is information about your career that does not contribute anything, do not include it.

And if any information has nothing to do with the sector in which you want to find a job, it is best to subtract it from your CV. For instance, if you’re applying for a web developer position, that cashier job you had as a teen won’t be relevant. And do you really need to list the jobs you had between 2000 and 2010? Be smart, highlight your career experience suited for the specific role and make sure your CV is updated.

We can only wish you a lot of success with your CV and that you find the iGaming job you need. We are sure that after all these keys you will not find it difficult to get a good job.


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