iGaming Job Destinations in 2022


If you would love to work in iGaming in 2022, you should pack your bathing suit and sun lotion. These gaming operators are located in some amazing sunny places in Europe! This is true not only for real physical casinos but for the iGaming industry as well, choosing many of these amazing countries as the perfect destination to build headquarters.

Many iGaming companies set up their places because of the characteristics these places offer. While it’s true that most iGaming companies have multicultural teams with members from all over the world, they need to choose a place for their headquarters.
When choosing the right destination, it is important to consider some key aspects such as:
• Internet connection (speed)
• Technology hubs
• Sunny weather helps when recruiting top talent
• Regulations: online gaming authorities
• Tourism and popularity of the place
Now that we’ve laid out the reasons why they choose these places, let’s take a look at some of the favorite locations for iGaming in Europe:

Why work in Malta?

Malta is considered one of the gems when it comes to gambling destinations and finding available jobs in iGaming. If you’re a fan of online casinos and sports bets, you’ll probably know that many of the greatest online casinos like Mr Vegas, LeoVegas, and Wildz are located on this magical island.
The main reason for this is the country’s regulatory body regarding gambling and casinos. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is one of the industry’s most famous and respected institutions, turning the country into a gambling haven.
There are other important aspects iGaming companies consider when choosing Malta as their destination:

Many investors choose not to go with the gambling industry because of the complicated bureaucracy behind it. However, Malta sets a difference in this aspect, they do have strict protocols when granting licenses, but they are considered fair and consistent.
On the other hand, The Malta Gaming Authority works with easy to comply protocols that make the city a compelling alternative for new operators. This doesn’t mean the gambling laws in the country aren’t meticulous, it is just that they offer possible operators a transparent roadmap on what to do to get the license.

Lower costs
The efficiency of the MGA extends to the costs, with fees that are significantly lower when compared to other licensing alternatives. The licensing process in the country is considered one of the most cost-efficient in the world. Many iGaming operators decide to relocate their headquarters to Malta to reduce expenses in fees.

Gambling culture
People that have planned a gambling vacation, know that Malta is the perfect destination, being one of the most important elements for tourism in the country. This means that gambling is a well-respected industry that allows online casino operators to thrive and expand their business.

Why work in Gibraltar?

A famous destination when it comes to gambling and online casinos is Gibraltar. Thanks to its strategic location on the Iberian Peninsula, the country has become a top place for casino operators, both physical and iGaming companies. By being a neighbor of Spain and Morocco, the touristic appeal brings visitors from all over Europe.
As with Malta, the country has a strong regulatory organism, The Gambling Commissioner. It is in charge of implementing and ensuring compliance with the Gambling Act from 2005. In addition, there’s a “Generic Code” that helps operators interpret and understand the law.
Despite offering a complete and strict regulatory process, Gibraltar is one of the favorite destinations for many online casinos like Tonybet, for several reasons:

There are different categories of gambling licenses in Gibraltar, depending on the specific services the operators decide to offer. Among these different types, the country grants a remote gambling license, to operators that are located somewhere else in the world but want to operate from Gibraltar.
The Licensing Authority functioning under the Gambling Division H.M Government of Gibraltar guides users throughout the licensing process and explains in clear detail the requirements and necessary steps to start operating.

Clear regulatory laws for online casinos
Operators that hold an iGaming company have very clear and defined laws to comply with. The regulatory organism also ensures that computers and servers used to host and provide the service are safe and protected. By complying, operators receive a certified license to display on their official website.
The law also specifies in a detailed way the taxes online operators need to pay. Being 1% of their gross profit, with a set limit of a minimum of £85,000 and £425,000 max.

Weather and location
As we mentioned before, Gibraltar has a privileged location that attracts tourists and foreigners from all over Europe and Asia. This opens the door to a multicultural team with members from different countries.
In addition to the location being perfect for opening business and trading in Europe, the weather in Gibraltar is very pleasant with warm summers and mild winters in addition to the magnificent views.

Why work in Estonia?

The iGaming industry in Estonia started in 2008 when online casinos became legal in the country. At first, this was true only for Estonian companies, however, the growth of the industry-led legislators to open operations for international operators in 2010.
Even though for a few years no license was an issue for foreign operators, this soon changed, and nowadays, many online casinos have chosen Estonia and the capital Tallinn as their perfect destination. We are expecting to hear a lot more from The Yolo Group with Sportsbet.io and Bitcasino.io!
The reason behind this growth is the support the industry receives from the laws and legislators. The main iGaming operator in Estonia is not a private company; it belongs to a state-owned lottery company: Eesti Loto.
Of course, there are some other reasons why online casino operators choose Estonia as their destination:

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board provides licenses for casinos, online and physical. They guide and oversee the process, helping operators to comply with the requirements. Their official website offers detailed and clear information. Since the country has a high demand from foreign operators there is also available in English.

Tech and business hubs
While Estonia isn’t a big touristic place for gamblers since they have few brick and mortar casinos, the country has become a tech haven for iGaming companies.
The country has strict legislation over digital businesses, reducing considerably the risk of fraud and illegal activity. The security and supportive ecosystem for digital companies make Estonia an attractive location for iGaming industries that want to grow and establish themselves as an authority.


European countries like Malta and Gibraltar have a long history of accommodating online gaming operators and these markets keep evolving thanks to technological advancements. Plenty of jobs on offer as companies keeps hiring!
Gibraltar was once considered the cradle of internet gambling, Malta has made significant strides and now we have expectations about Estonia and Tallinn to offer competition when it comes to new iGaming career options.
Regulative frameworks and legislation will play a key role in the growth of online gambling markets in Europe.


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