Job Interview Mistakes in iGaming recruitment


A job interview is one of the first impressions employers get of you. In the 2nd part of the “Don’t do these mistakes in a job interview!” article, we will continue to give you information about what is normal job interview rules and etiquette.

Based on my 16-year long career in iGaming I enjoy advising candidates as there are some do’s and don’ts of interviewing for a role in iGaming. In the first article, we focused on some important topics as I have been a candidate in the past, I have been an interviewer and I keep preparing candidates for various interview processes.

1) This job interview is not all about you
2) Why would you turn up unprepared for a job interview?

All I can say is that it’s nice for you to have future ambitions, excellent qualifications, technical knowledge, and sports betting passion, but never underestimate how your behavior is observed in the application process, during an interview including confidence and nerves and how you follow up after the interview. Let’s continue looking at some typical mistakes made by candidates:

You asked no questions to the interviewer

If you don’t ask questions sorry but then you’re not really interested.
Different companies mean different ways to conduct an interview, various interview stages, and who to meet. In every interview, you will be given time and opportunity to ask questions to the interviewer or hiring manager. They expect questions, they look forward to your questions and it’s a part of the conversation every interview needs. It shows them how you think and it indicates your values. It shows that you care about yourself, the job, and the company. If you ask about the job the employer might feel you really want to work for them. Being enthusiastic is a good start.

8 different questions to ask in a job interview:
1-Could you describe the culture of this online gaming company for me?
2-Can you describe more about the daily tasks and responsibilities of the role?
3-Can you please inform me about salary range and bonus schemes for this role?
4-Which benefits and perks will be offered for the right candidate?
5-Will the company apply for other gaming licenses?
6-Which main regulative challenges are the company facing in 2022?
7-Will the iGaming company provide a relocation package?
8-Can you tell more about onboarding and training provided for new iGaming career starters?
9-When does the Customer Manager plan to fill this support role? Any deadline?

If you are interested in the job then you have some questions ready for the interviewer. It means you are prepared and curious and good questions will put you ahead of other candidates.

You let nerves ruin the interview

Now, the only thing that is standing in the way of you and your dream job is the interview. This scary process can confuse the best of us and takes years of practice to get right. We all know that being interviewed in our second language can make us a bit shaky and feel anxious. Nerves are part of the recruitment game, deal with it. Just remember, nerves mean you care. The job interview is your chance. It’s an opportunity to show your nice personality, skills, and strengths and to explain to the hiring manager that you would be a great addition to his team.
There are more worrying things in the world today than a basic job interview. If we break it down to the bare basics then it’s a conversation between two people who would like to know more about each other. The hiring manager’s main task is to select people and sometimes you will be asked questions you don’t know the answer to. There is no shame in this but sometimes talented candidates stress themselves during the interview.
As a recruiter, I spend a lot of time building confidence with my job seekers. We prepare our talents well as we discuss the job description, talk about the company, highlight the person’s abilities, and plan the journey to the office location ahead of the interview. This activity usually injects confidence, which means they can stay calm while showcasing their skills, keeping eye contact, and speaking clearly.

You didn’t bring a notepad or notes to the job interview

What’s wrong with bringing a notebook to an interview?
I always recommend that my candidates bring a notepad and pen to the job interview, and some of my talents brought their laptop bag and an extra copy of their CV? That’s professionalism. It’s how a talented candidate prepares. You have listed a few questions for the interviewer and it shows that you have done your research on the company and are keen to know more about the role. Taking a few important notes during the interview can also be useful as it makes you remember important details about the specific job you are so interested in.

You didn’t say ‘thank you’ after the job interview

When I was job searching I liked to follow up with a thank-you email after a job interview in iGaming. I found the contact information of the interviewer either in my email inbox or on Linkedin and I believed that type of email would show my continued interest in that job and that I was grateful for their valuable time today and that I could learn more about the company and future plans. Patience, politeness, and good manners are important but believe me when I tell you that follow-up emails are part of life in the iGaming industry.


A candidate can use the job interview as a golden opportunity to prove he or she is the right person for the right position at the right time. Good candidates will stand out in the recruitment process because they avoid interview mistakes as they are prepared, knowledgeable about the company and product portfolio, and able to deal with nerves. By staying focused throughout the interview process the HR team and hiring managers will be impressed by this candidates’ skills, strengths, and abilities. It’s all down to a superb first impression by showing excellent communication skills and having behavioral awareness.
Hopefully, you have all picked up some tips and advice about how to avoid interview mistakes which will help you land your dream job in the future. Please remember to prepare as best as you can, stay confident, and be grateful.

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