Finnish Business Sales Agent – Remote

One of Finland’s most successful and fastest-growing companies is looking for a new Finnish Business Sales Agent. This is a remote role that offers a lot of freedom.

The company has grown from its roots as a family enterprise to become a significant sales force. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings and has earned the loyalty of more than 10,000 clients as a result of its unique product portfolio and quality service offered. The Finnish Business Sales Agent will be working for a company that specializes in the sales distribution of lubricants, greases, oils, chemicals, and supplies for repair shops with products from renowned international brands like the British oil and gas giant Shell and the French energy and petroleum company Total.

Client customers include Transport business, Agriculture, Contract work and all kinds of big machines. For more than three years, our client’s company has been able to meet its customers’ needs, and it has built a great reputation for solid products, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service. This has been made possible due to a highly skilled management team working well alongside knowledgeable employees.

Finnish Business Sales Agent’s responsibilities

A Finnish Business Sales Agent will play a key role as the company business is growing. In this remote sales role, you will mainly be responsible for offering the best products and services to customers, as the company always offering a wide selection of various products. It’s great because this company has products that nobody else has in Finland , i.e LubeShuttle grease and the prices also make them standout in the market, most of the time being offer cheaper than even the local stores. Finland is a very big country with a little number of people. When we offer delivery it takes the pain away from customers who have previously been forced to to drive 150 km through snow and cold to get oil and grease. That’s why people who live very far away love this company’s service. The Finnish farmers love them and the love is mutual!

As a Finnish Business Sales Agent you will be required to fulfill the following duties:

• Create and implement sales tactics to boost business growth
• Making calls, sending emails, and being active in the sales role
• Manage and develop positive customer relationships
• Updating and maintaining the customer database
• Meeting weekly or monthly milestones established by the company
• Analyzing and assessing sales areas for products or services
• Suggesting or recommending changes to company sales policies as needed or if required
• Assist other sales agents to achieve sales goals
• Understanding and researching marketing trends for the company’s products and services
• Providing logistical assistance in the growth and expansion of your customer base
• Assisting in troubleshooting and resolving customer issues and concerns through excellent communication and customer service

Finnish Business Sales Agent’s requirements

The Finnish Business Sales Agent’s remote role requires someone with ingenuity; you don’t need any special knowledge or education, and you can work from wherever you like, whether it’s Africa, Sweden, or Spain. However, it’s important to have drive and work ethic and the following is a list of some of the skills that are required:

• Native Finnish speaker
• Should have past expertise in a similar capacity in either outbound calling and/or sales
• Able to work with product sales
Customer service attitude and relationship-building experience are highly desired
• Exceptional communication skills are a must for this job
• A remote-based candidate should be a proactive learner who works alone or in a team
• A self-motivated creative mind
• Optimism and perseverance are required in your approach to work.

We would also welcome a native and remote Swedish speaker, who can speak English or Finnish so we can communicate well together.

What’s on offer for the Finnish Business Sales Agent?

The Finnish Business Sales Agent will have a lot of freedom, and there are no minimum work hours restrictions. Your remote work responsibility will simply be goal and target driven. Since this is a provider-driven profession, you are free to work whenever and wherever you like, regardless of location. There is an attractive bonus system in place and when you make a sale, the provision will be paid right away to you and your account.

We offer full access to our applications and help to establish contact with old and new customers and you will communicate through a laptop and headset.

The successful Finnish Business Sales Agent applicant shouldn’t worry if he/she knows nothing about oil, products, and sales pitches; the company will give you all the help and guidance you need. Assistance will be available to you round-the-clock. This is why the company is successful with its customers.

Get in touch with us if you have questions!