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Talent Acquisition Manager – Malta

A Talent Acquisition Manager is wanted as our client has grown to become one of the most successful and well-respected iGaming companies on the planet. It now serves online casino players and sports betting customers in over a hundred countries. The growth has been sensational!

To accommodate the ongoing expansion, the hiring of new talents, and reviewing good and bad CVs, the company is in the process of searching for a Talent Acquisition Manager to be based in the Malta office.

Talent Acquisition Manager’s responsibilities

The Talent Acquisition Manager’s responsibilities in Malta are to oversee the whole organization’s recruiting process, which includes the development and execution of a variety of recruitment strategies. The TA manager is responsible for establishing recruiting standards and processes, disseminating information on open positions within the HR department in Malta, meeting recruitment deadlines, and distributing job openings in a timely manner.

Other key responsibilities would be:

  • Maintaining a record of recruitment metrics
  • Bringing existing recruiting practices up to date and developing new ones (for example, the application and onboarding processes)
  • Maintain a record of the wage benchmark to ensure that salary and bonus are competitive
  • Do research on available job advertising choices and decide which ones to use
  • Integrate innovative sourcing techniques, such as social recruitment
  • Be responsible for the calibration of applicants across the board
  • Train hiring managers on interviewing skills and provide advice to them
  • Collaborate with department managers to estimate future recruiting requirements
  • Overseeing the monitoring and ongoing reduction of costs associated with the recruitment process
  • Develops and implements social media communication strategies for a variety of job profiles and functions within the organization
  • Conducts job interviews for managerial job positions (or other key jobs within the organization)
  • Builds the professional network of the organization by maintaining strategic partnerships with partners, colleges, and HR experts
  • Creates recruiting training for the Human Resources department and line managers
  • Locate and interact with the targeted applicants in order to follow up and generate more interest on their part.
  • Play a leading role in the design and execution of our Employee Branding efforts
  • Handle platforms and technologies such as LinkedIn
  • Perform and support additional activities as assigned

Talent Acquisition Manager’s requirements

To be a Talent Acquisition Manager in Malta you need a Bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in recruitment. The person needs to have a solid dose of good common sense and the ability to handle practical issues. The ability to communicate in English, as well as other languages, is a real advantage.

Other skills and qualifications required will include:

  • Capable of taking the initiative within a group setting
  • Hands-on experience working with applicant tracking systems and human resources databases
  • Experience with social media and other professional networks (like LinkedIn)
  • Ability to efficiently study and gain new knowledge and skills
  • Must have high information technology abilities, able to rapidly learn how to utilize new platforms and programs
  • Proficiency with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Proven track record of positively influencing the company’s future direction through the use of data
  • Extensive experience with major expertise in the iGaming or digital marketing industries
  • In-depth knowledge of Google Analytics and the application of data to increase market value and share
  • Skilled in analytics, with adept negotiation and excellent communication skills
  • Driven to achieve goals, increase sales, and meet targets
  • A person who is self-motivated and has great organizational abilities as well as the capacity to prioritize tasks
  • A capable leader who is a strong member of teams, finds satisfaction in helping others and does it with empathy, and can step up when necessary

Talent Acquisition Manager’s salary and bonus

The Talent Acquisition Manager in Malta will get a competitive salary, bonuses, and 22 paid days off to balance work and life well. To make sure that everyone is at their best, the employees are also given full health insurance and a discounted gym membership.

The company will also offer generous parental leaves, help with moving, and the chance to work from home. One of the best things about working for an iGaming company in Malta is that they have a welcoming and fun workplace culture that encourages a “work hard, play hard” mentality. The company gives its employees regular beer Fridays and holiday parties, but they also like to plan memorable team-building trips and other fun things.

Overall, candidates can expect to join a workplace in Malta that promotes a better work-life balance in all aspects of the job.

Do you want all of these great perks and bonuses to come with your dream iGaming job? We’re always here to help!

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