Mark my words, Malta Is Small Ta’


May I have your attention, please? 

Malta has literally made Mark Hald aka McMark’s career. 5 years working in iGaming, Senior SEO Executive for a big online gaming company and enjoying the Mediterranean sun. Island life is good and now the hyper energetic Dane is ready to release his new single: Malta Is Small Ta’. (Music video below)

Why did you make Malta Is Small Ta’, McMark?

You know me, my mind works in mysterious ways and I guess I just decided to use it to my advantage, for once. A passion for tongue twisting rap, black humour and sometimes lacking in smart decision making is a lethal combination especially if you have had a few Cisks too many under the burning hot Maltese sun!

One night I just put my head down on the pillow and my brain started with the whole Malta Is Small Ta’ wordplay.  The next day, I played around with some verses and lyrics, then I opened up NotePad and I think it only took me like a few hours to write the whole thing. Obviously I wanted to record it. An iGaming friend, Jamie Spink made a beat and Yama Gata up in Mellieha lend me his studio. We were rolling in no time! DJ Left Hand Right did some cuts and Femmar was mixing/mastering it for me.

What is Malta Is Small Ta’ really about?

To be honest the song kind of wrote itself and I guess the point of the song is just to explain to everyone how I feel about life on the rock. It’s my way of appreciating Malta because it has given me a real home. I have grown up although I am sure some of you guys actually wants to know how I define ‘grown up’. Ha-ha! I’m an original and I won’t change. What more can I say?

I’m Slim Shady, yes, I’m the real Shady. 
All you other Slim Shadys, are just imitating

I came here at age 26 for my first “real” job. I didn’t know any friends and I had no knowledge of life in Malta, but I literally found my own place. All I can say, is that this island is about more than just online casinos, dodgy landlords and density in Sliema. I love this crazy little rock!

I think the lyrics in Malta Is Small Ta’ explain this quite well. Take it easy, go out, socialize, don’t eat too many pastizzi, watch out in traffic and please remember to use loads of sunscreen! And if you feel the island fever is getting to you then you can take a cruise to Gozo or the Blue Lagoon.

There you go, my tour guide for Malta comes with a nice mellow beach club vibe beat and a lyric video filled with images from the island. It’s all in the eyes/ears of the beholder but in general it is my personal point of view about life on the rock and I tried my best to promote Malta as a travel destination. Obviously I’ve been here almost 5 years working with sportsbetting and online casinos and I don’t have any plans on moving any time soon.

Easy to make friends – there’s no blame game
Most of the local people even have the same name

Why Malta? Why iGaming?

I’m a 31 year old Dane who has been rapping since 2006 and participated in a few Danish freestyle rap championships. My music career wasn’t going anywhere really and I took a bachelor degree in English Language & International Studies. Unfortunately I realized there were no jobs for me in my home country Denmark. We love to gamble online, but that was all about Danske Spil and the monopoly.

The very first job I applied for in Malta was with RakeTech and they offered me the position as a Danish content writer. I moved to Malta without ever having visited before but I knew about the Malta iGaming industry and the strong focus on promoting sportsbetting and online casinos. It was all about a fresh start for me and I actually never looked back. Two years later I made the move to Kindred/Unibet where I have been working with SEO for the last 3 years or so. Malta Is Small Ta’ but there are so many interesting career opportunities here for people who have skills, passion and enthusiasm.

It definitely took me some time to get settled and it was quite scary making the move as a content writer/editor for an affiliate company to doing SEO on the operator side but I guess in this life you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

Play hard, work hard – that’s Malta!

I like the motto “Play hard, work hard” – if you can turn up at night, you can also turn up in the morning. I feel some industry colleagues seem to forget that your iGaming company pays your salary. No money, no honey right?

I honestly couldn’t be happier that I decided to make the move to Malta in 2017.

If you feel the world is sick – Malta is the cure
And with this song you don’t need a brochure



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