Mistakes You Must Not Do In Video Interviews


Job candidates in the iGaming industry take video interviews with online casinos for granted; is this the actual case? In this blog, we will see how it goes.

Interviewing people from different geographical locations was challenging before, as it used to be a lengthy procedure. For instance: job seekers had to endure lengthy travel for an interview in a different city or country without any assurance of success.

However, with the advancement in technology, things have become relatively easier, and now in this fast-paced world, employers are taking video interviews to connect with potential candidates.

As a recruiter in the Malta iGaming industry, I have had my fair share of experiences with video interviews and feedback from international company clients. I respect the efficiency of this innovative technology as it has boomed online entertainment, casino bonuses, and sports betting. However, I can’t help it and feel frustrated when candidates make certain avoidable mistakes.

I believe that if you want to make a positive and lasting impression in the iGaming world, you must behave like a mature and deserving candidate. So do we keep seeing reckless behavior? It’s simple, don’t do these mistakes in an interview.

The behavior of candidates in video interviews

Video interviews in iGaming have undoubtedly bridged the gap between employers and candidates, making recruitment more efficient and cost-effective. However, some candidates lack professionalism and other essential traits, such as:

Neglecting the technical setup

The candidates are applying for a position in the Malta iGaming industry and have a video interview scheduled. So being a responsible candidate, it is their duty to check in advance the internet’s stability, camera functioning well, and a clear microphone. You want to be seen and heard, right?

However, surprisingly I have met candidates who neglect the technical setup as they fumble with the camera, microphone, or internet connection during the interview reflecting poor professionalism and preparation. It’s all about first impression and if you are dumb on the technical aspect then I don’t you will last long in the online casino industry anyway.

Dressing inappropriately

Just because it’s a video interview for the position in an online casino doesn’t mean you can afford to dress shabby or inappropriate. I remember one Polish candidate we interviewed, he turned up on webcam dressed in a work t-shirt and started the job interview in his car while driving. His apology was, “I was late for the interview, so I accepted the call while driving; I’m sorry.” I mean, what kind of behavior is this? Are you serious, man, you are up for a job interview!

For me dressing inappropriately indicates a lack of seriousness and respect for the job opportunity. It is advisable to dress as if you were attending an in-person interview, opting for professional attire that aligns with the company’s culture.

Ignoring background

A clear and impressive background also greatly impacts the interviewer, but some candidates don’t give a shit about it.  Would you believe one of the candidates was walking around the house and garden while doing the interview?

Why don’t they understand that a cluttered or messy background distracts the interviewer while giving the impression that they need more attention to detail? Moving around like that is never a good start in an interview. How hard can it be to sit still?

Not maintaining eye contact and rambling.

Maintaining eye contact in a video interview is essential; focus on the camera, avoid looking here and there, and don’t ramble. However, usually, candidates don’t maintain eye contact, giving me the impression of lacking confidence. Come on, guys, you must be prepared before the interview and deliver a confident and concise response.

Checking your phone or other devices

This is one of the most frustrating behaviors of the online candidates. Nothing is more disrespectful in video interviews than checking your phone or other devices during the conversation. It shows a lack of interest and can distract you and the interviewer. Make sure your phone is silent and out of sight during the interview.

Replies that must be avoided during video interviews

Sometimes, the candidates behave properly; they know how to keep the integrity of the video interviews. They are well dressed while focusing in one direction, but still, I don’t consider them as potential candidates for the iGaming industry. Do you know why? Because their replies could be more satisfying.

Let me share some of the replies I received from the candidates during the video interviews.

  • Once, I asked a German job candidate, “Why Sofia? Why did you apply for the job as a customer service for an online casino in Sofia?” and his one-word answer was “MONEY.” Come on, everybody knows you are here to earn some money, but you need to be professional while answering. You should have answered your career goal and where you see yourself in the future.
  • Another candidate appeared very impressive, but when I started questioning, he started acting like, “who am I, “why am I here”? I asked him, “What is good customer service? And his answer was, “Ehhh…” I mean, you are applying for the position, and you can’t even describe your job description. Since I liked his personality, I skipped this question and asked the easiest question, “Can you tell us more about yourself?” his answer was still the same “Ehhh…” I mean, how come a person doesn’t even know about himself? He was such an idiot!
  • Another candidate I interviewed replied to all my questions with his own questions. Every single time. That was quite funny! Then I asked him to ask a few questions prepared for the interviewer; surprisingly, he had none!

Mistakes you must not do in video interviews – Conclusion

The iGaming company is growing a lot, and there are several opportunities to grow within the company, which can happen quickly as the online casino and betting industry is constantly breaking into new markets and providing new products. Ambitious and professional candidates will go a long way and be noticed by customer service departments in Sofia, Malta, England, and Spain. However, if you behave immaturely or don’t give a shit to the video interviews, it will be difficult for you to be a part of the amazing online iGaming industry.

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