Online casinos in Malta don’t want bad CVs!


How can you send a bad CV with spelling mistakes to online casinos in Malta? Your CV is like a business card and it’s your possible entry to a job interview.

“First impression is the last impression” or “First impression is everything”. You may have heard this many times, but have you ever wondered why this is so? Most people assume that first impressions reflect your personality, especially when applying for a job, and it starts when you submit your CV.

Applicants usually focus on the job description and what they can accomplish. However, they completely forget to pay attention to spelling and minor errors. Why? Didn’t we just agree that the CV reflects your personality?

When you send your CV to a casino, every little thing counts, including spelling mistakes. Spelling errors are just not acceptable. They leave interviewers with the impression that you are not serious about the job. No online casino in Malta will accept bad CV with spelling mistakes

I mean, how would you feel if someone misspelled your name or typed the first letter of your name with a lowercase letter? Imagine you send out unclear info about a casino bonus? This may not be a big deal, but can you believe these are the basic mistakes on a CV when an applicant applies for a job in a casino?

Online casinos and customer service excellence

Suppose you are applying for a customer service agent role with an online casino and can’t even spell the words “Responsible Gaming”, “Anti-Money Laundering” or names of casino game providers correctly. How can you expect to get the job with that casino? I mean, if you’re that careless with spelling mistakes, you may end up blowing a deal instead of making it.

Can you imagine how a online casino player would feel if asked, “How may I hell you, sur?” instead of, “How may I help you, sir?” This could be a minor spelling error, but if you’re in customer service, you usually deal with furious customers. So this tiny spelling mistake can trigger them a lot, and it doesn’t look good on the company’s reputation or branding in the competitive gambling industry.

Malta iGaming industry is vast, and you will have many opportunities to apply for jobs. However, you need to be very careful when writing your CV. Since online casinos are usually associated with payments, lucrative casino bonuses and data security, how can you be a strong candidate for this important role? If you cannot write a basic CV without any mistakes, you should not expect to be offered an interview.

Companies are looking for trustful candidates with an eye for details. For this reason, your first impression when applying for a casino job will also be your last. So, do not overlook any small mistakes, including comma and punctuation. There are not only spelling mistakes but also many other minor mistakes that are not that important but can make your CV look awful, and you will be rejected immediately!

Common mistakes when applying to an online casino in Malta

Below are some common mistakes candidates may make on their CVs when applying for an online casino job in Malta. And let me tell you straight away, these mistakes are just not acceptable, and it doesn’t matter if you apply for a customer service agent role, banking or content writer in Malta.

• Besides spelling, grammar is another point to pay attention to. It is not necessary that your grammar is perfect if you are a native European speaker; you really need to focus on your grammar and punctuation while writing your CV. If you are not a native speaker, you must focus more on your spelling and grammar mistakes.

• Font and style are other points that must be seriously considered when writing your CV. Some newbies use fancy writing styles and big fonts for their CVs, which is totally wrong. Do what looks professional and keep the font and style the same throughout your CV. However, when mentioning your skills and accomplishments, you can use BOLD font; otherwise, it is not necessary either. Also, remember to write your CV in black or blue font. Colorful CVs are not even reviewed, but thrown straight into the trash.

• It has often been seen that applicants from other countries have mixed languages on their CVs. For example, the CV is written in English, while some parts in the middle of the CV are in another language. This is unacceptable; your CV must be written in a single language because mixing languages can make you a vulnerable candidate for the job.

• The cover letter should be written in a way that can grab the interviewer’s attention. The more concise and exciting the cover letter is, the better your chances of getting a job, especially if you are applying for a job in an online casino in Malta.

Final words about online casinos and CVs

Writing a CV is an art. You need to be very focused on every detail you write because companies, HR, and hiring managers don’t want bad CVs with spelling mistakes. While writing your CV for an online casino in Malta, if you are negligent about the grammar, spelling and wording, your job search in Malta will fail before you even get started. How can you deal with important casino players or promote a casino bonus if you dont know how to write correctly?

The recruitment, candidate search and profile selection process among gambling companies in Malta is no different; they look for talented people who know how to communicate clearly, with organizational skills and are keen to present themselves in the best way possible. When you write your CV, always remember, “First impression is the last impression”.

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