Qatar World Cup woes: Why calling in sick is a bad idea!


The Qatar World Cup 2022 is commencing on the 21st of November this year, and it promises to be another fantastic showcase spectacle for both gambling companies and online casinos. During the 4 week-long tournament you’ll notice many of your co-workers in the Malta iGaming industry are calling in sick, or at least threatening to do so because they have the flu or just don’t feel well. Don’t be one of them!

This article provides tips on why you should go to work during the World Cup, how to survive the next World Cup without losing your sanity, and how to make sure you never get thrown into one of these situations.
Know your employer’s guidelines

If you’re planning on tuning into the Qatar World Cup 2022 at work, you better make sure your employer in the Malta iGaming industry would be okay with it. Some workplaces might ask you to turn off your phones or disable external internet access when the Football World Cup starts because they expect employees to work and focus. Other workplaces could put on World Cup on the TV screen but they will mute the sound.

It’s important to check with your manager and HR department before taking a vacation day or asking for time off during this event to avoid any problems.

Also, if you’ve ever been told no by your boss to something like this before (like I have), don’t ask again! Asking again can come across as inconsiderate and disrespectful – so please do your research ahead of time even if you would love to watch your beloved nation play in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Play fair during World Cup 2022

A lot of people ask themselves the question of whether or not they should call in sick when their country’s playing in the World Cup. The honest answer is you probably shouldn’t, because it will most likely backfire.
Sure, your co-workers might let you off with just a verbal warning this one time for making them do extra work while you enjoy watching your national team play a game of football. But after that, you’re going to be known as the person who can’t go to work when it’s an important international game. You’ll lose credibility and respect and end up looking like a fool. So, don’t be naive – don’t call in sick during the Qatar World Cup 2022!

If you plan on watching the Qatar World Cup, without the permission of your company don’t expect to be able to work when it’s over. Unless your boss doesn’t care how many unhappy online casino players you lose or how much gaming revenue your online casino employer misses out on, there will be consequences for calling in sick during what might be the most watched soccer event of all time.
At the end of the day, you will regret losing the job you have worked so hard to acquire and maintain just because you wanted to watch a bit of football from Qatar!

3 things you can do… if you really need to call in sick

Let’s hope you never have to call in sick to work during the World Cup Qatar but if you can’t avoid the occasion to call in sick because of soccer fever, there are some things you can do to make sure you don’t disrupt your work routine.

1) Call ahead and tell your supervisor or whoever is running the company that day before anything else so they have time to arrange for coverage if necessary.

2) Make sure to provide as much notice as possible for emergencies, but if possible schedule yourself for when you’re less likely to get swept up in soccer fever.

3) Finally, find someone reliable and willing to cover for you so they can take on more responsibility at work while you go enjoy the World Cup.

Do not put your company in a pickle as this is a super important month for gaming companies that will promote online casino bonuses and special promotions.

5 suggestions to your workplace during World Cup

It is better to recommend a few changes to the workplace environment in Malta and enjoy the Qatar World Cup 2022 rather than calling in sick and risking losing your job. The online casino needs you to report to work and they are the company that pays your salary each month.

Following suggestions can be made to your boss to enjoy the World Cup in Qatar 2022 without compromising your work

1. Offer flexible work hours and the ability to work remotely.

2. Make up lost days or extra hours at end of the month/year; make sure it’s worth it for staff to show up each day!

3. Have fun events planned during downtime – watch World Cup games together while having food delivered from local restaurants

4. Provide prizes and incentives for top attendance at work

5. If you absolutely need time off for this long-awaited event, it’s probably best to ask your employer ahead of time if it’s possible. You don’t want to give your boss a headache last minute when he’s scrambling trying to cover for people who called in sick last minute!

The final decision always rests with the top management and your boss, so please remember always to carry your share of the load whether it is Football World Cup in November 2022 or otherwise.


The Qatar World Cup 2022 is just around the corner! And there’s nothing you can do about it! Well, you could always call in sick but that might end up hurting your gaming employer and your own reputation in the online casino industry in Malta.

Please don’t jeopardize your colleagues who may be at work, as it would go against everything that defines leadership and we all know what happens when employees show poor leadership and discipline. The last thing we want is to hear that someone was fired because they decided to take a nap and watch the match instead of going to work.

So please, don’t call in sick to work during the World Cup just because you want to watch your national team battle away in the Qatar heat while you are sipping on a drink in a bar in Malta. Let us know in the comments below if you were considering calling in sick and if this article has changed your mind about it. Stay healthy and keep smiling

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