The most important jobs in iGaming


Are you searching jobs in iGaming? It has become an industry of constant growth with new online gaming companies, exciting roles, and lots of active users playing on the internet every day. You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of job opportunities in this industry if you have ambitions, work discipline, and a passion to learn.

Whether you are a game designer, marketing specialist, junior account manager, or customer service agent, in iGaming there will always be a place for talents like you. The client demand for finding new interesting job candidate profiles is never-ending and we are always searching for interesting professionals which have mixed skillset.

The reason why so many people decide to change their career paths and start working in iGaming could be the increase in salary, attractive employee benefits, or the opportunity to work in the Mediterranean sun which could be Malta, Spain, Cyprus, or Portugal.
When it comes to iGaming there are several different areas of expertise that are key to the right functioning of the industry as a whole. We have talked at length about the importance of Cybercrime, Anti Money Laundering, and why the iGaming companies are focusing strongly on the recruitment of Payment, Fraud, and Risk analysts. Here in this article, we will list a few other important roles which we work on.

Customer Service Jobs in iGaming

As a customer service agent, you are the voice, ears, and eyes of the company you work for. Your main goal is to deal with customer questions, online user complaints, and technical issues and you provide support through email communication, LIVE chats, and sometimes a phone call. Online chat has become the most popular form of customer service over the past years and in this role, you need to be able to respond quickly and effectively to offer a solution to the issue clients are presenting.

Important skills for a customer service agent:
• Communication: As recruiters, we focus more on finding candidates with excellent writing skills ahead of impressive phone manners…
• Industry knowledge: Having a deep knowledge of the field, company policies and terms of the agreement will help you solve many queries without referring to other departments.
Patience: You will probably deal with angry customers that need a kind and professional response to their problems.

Compliance Manager Jobs in iGaming

Like every industry, iGaming needs to follow strict regulations around gaming and betting. In this particular case, governments and external regulators like UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority take it very seriously to ensure all legal requirements are met.
We are currently living in an age where there are more and more regulations around this industry every day and a compliance department has become crucial for any iGaming company. A compliance manager understands law, regulation, and how to be a compliant company and to make sure the department has full control of operational activities, an overview of risk, and updated on regulatory standards.
The purpose of the compliance department is to ensure every aspect of the company follows the relevant legislation and local laws. This includes games, payment providers, casino software, AML, RG, marketing campaigns, Data Protection, and any new initiative.
By doing so, you’re not only avoiding fines and legal consequences but also ensuring the reputation of the business.

Important skills for a compliance manager:
Attention to detail: Ability to check every point of deep and complex guidelines and ensure your company follows them.
Legal qualifications: These are not mandatory, but some companies expect candidates to have some legal background or compliance experience from iGaming or Fintech.
Communication: You need to be able to inform internal and external stakeholders and to offer strong advices and strategies.

Games Manager Jobs in iGaming

In a world where pretty much every week there’s a new online casino available, iGaming companies work extremely hard to offer innovative products that attract online users. That’s why the games manager needs to ensure that every game that the company launches in their casino slot catalog is optimized, works perfectly and it’s attractive enough for the gamblers. It’s gamification at its best!
As a games manager, you need to be able to connect and work along with every department related to the development of new products and services. It is part of your responsibility to ensure every step of the process is done according to plan and follows the workflow including business talks with game providers, monitoring casino forums, dealing with the compliance team, briefing the content department, and updating customer service. You also need to work closely with the marketing and sales department because combining efforts will make it possible for new casino products to reach new and existing affiliate networks, streamers, VIPs, loyal casino players, and potential new customers.

Important skills for a games manager:
• Product knowledge: You have a love for games, gamification, and how to create an online player experience
• Technical: Being able to test games and how to release new games correctly.
• Agile: As a quality checker you need to be able to switch between different areas and tasks regularly, keeping always the overall objective in mind.
• Detail-oriented: As a liaison between all departments, the ability to analyze and pay attention to small details can be the difference between a successful product launch and a failure.
• Networker: You build excellent relationships with game providers, account managers, and popular casino streamers.
• Compliant: Ability to understand and stay updated on regulated markets like UK and Germany
• Analytical: A data-driven mind who can report, analyze and collect data to improve the performance of the game, design, and the campaign

Marketing Jobs in iGaming

In today’s world, competition is ferocious, there are new companies every day offering new and exciting opportunities to customers. To stay on top of the competition, offering good products isn’t enough.
If you follow thoroughly all legal requirements, create amazing new products every month, and have the best customer service, but don’t let people know about what you’re doing, how will they choose you?
The marketing department will play a key role in every company, especially in the casino industry which is so focused on first deposit bonuses, cashback, and leaderboard prizes. It’s all about delivering the right message to the perfect audience at the right time, through VIP campaigns, social media posts, landing pages, and SEO strategies.
Every member of the marketing team needs to focus on the same objectives: attracting new customers and engaging the existing ones with everything the brand has to offer.

Important skills in marketing jobs: 
• Knowledge about SEO: Every little action in the marketing plan needs to be optimized and Google is your friend. In addition, good management of PPC is key.
• Innovation: You need to be able to offer new, smart creative ideas that will make the company stand out in a sea of competitors. To do so, you need a unique and original approach with will be backed up by product knowledge and business confidence.
• Analytical: Understanding your target audience and competitors is key to defining the best strategic plan for the business.


We have just listed a few important roles in iGaming but in previous articles and job posts, we have mentioned CRM manager, Payment Fraud analyst, Content writer, Head of Casino, and also Project Manager. The marketing department will always play an important part in company success and the game managers will keep releasing new exciting casino slots but I have no doubt as we are entering Q2 in 2022: The gaming industry will offer excellent career opportunities for data-driven candidates and talents who are analytical and interested in compliance and regulation. If you can read legalese, the world will be yours!
However, don’t forget the ABC in recruitment and successful business: Always be a team player, keep within tight deadlines, and show passion in your job. At GamingMyJob we are always putting our candidates and client at the heart of everything we do. This is customer service. It’s important.


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