The future of content writers in iGaming


What’s the future of content writers in iGaming? In this week’s blog post I have looked at trends and predictions for content writers in the digital age.  

It’s an artificial intelligence (AI) world that we live in, isn’t it? With the current wave of technology bringing impressive AI solutions, I’m impressed with how AI programs can make our lives easier. Everyone seems to be raving about it, and for the right reasons. But do you think there could be a darker side to this AI technology? I do. 

I have been working as one of the freelancing content writers in iGaming for more than five years now, it really was a dream job in the beginning. To be honest, I found iGaming a rapidly growing industry that doesn’t slow down. In this digital age, more and more people are attracted to online entertainment, casino bonuses, sports betting, or poker. With this turnover, the demand for top-notch iGaming content has become limitless and is constantly increasing.

This means there are countless opportunities for content writers in iGaming like me to secure a lucrative career in the Malta iGaming industry. I have plenty of topics to cover. From creating content for iGaming websites and blogs to writing reviews, tutorials, and strategy guides, there’s no shortage of work for skilled iGaming writers.

Challenges for content writers in iGaming? 

Likewise any industry, iGaming writing has become one of the most dynamic and exciting industries for writers. However, being content writers in iGaming, one of the biggest challenges is keeping up with constantly changing casino laws and regulations. The Malta iGaming industry has its own rules that change every now and then. So, keeping track of what’s legal and what’s not can be a challenge.

Also, the iGaming industry needs unique writing skills; writing an iGaming article was not a cup of tea for everyone. Only a few dedicated content writers used to lead the industry. However, with time the competition has increased as more and more writers flock to the field. Now it’s becoming harder for the old and experienced content writer in iGaming like me to stand out and differentiate myself from others. This requires a lot of hard work, so I must hone my craft constantly and develop my skills to stay ahead of the curve. There used be plenty of open roles for Finnish copywriters, Norwegian SEO executives but now I have found only a Danish content writer job is available. 

Despite these challenges, I am confident that the future of content writers in iGaming is bright, and with my expertise, I will face them with dignity and of course know why deadlines in iGaming matter.  However, what I am worried about is the increasing demand for AI content generators; I mean, there are a lot. I know AI isn’t a new technology, but with time its use has become incredibly increased. Previously I had to worry only about the constantly changing laws and regulations and being competitive in the industry. Now, should I have to worry about robots taking over my job too? 

Is AI taking over content writers’ jobs?

Content writers in iGaming don’t like artificial intelligence. Honestly, AI might be helping many people, but it has badly impacted my career. These AI programs are faster and cheaper than us, and most importantly, since they aren’t human, so they never complain about the workload. 

The launch of Chat GPT kicked the last ball from the court. Since it is so accurate and significant, many people who used to seek help from me have now turned to Chat GPT. I had a client in the past who used to give me around 30 rewriting contents per month, but now he is nowhere. 

Upon asking, he said he uses Chat GPT and will need my assistance only when Google strikes his content. This was the most disappointing moment for me as he used to be one of my potential clients, and an AI tool has taken him away from me. So, I can say that this AI technology is somehow affecting my content writing career. 

What’s the future for talented content writers? 

Over the years, I’ve watched the evolution and transformation of the iGaming industry. Since the beginning, it has become one of the most popular fields for writers. But what does the future hold for iGaming writers, and what trends and predictions should content writers in iGaming need to adopt to be competitive in the industry?

Though AI is way faster and cheaper than humans, it can’t be as smart as a human brain, so, technically, it is helpful for us but not a complete replacement. I mean, sure, they can write some decent content, but do you think they can really capture the excitement of free spins and fun of a great online betting experience? I highly doubt it.

Also, writing about games isn’t child’s play, right? Great content must have the creative spark and unique voice that only a human writer can bring to the table, not AI-generated content. 

But what I doubt is that with time this AI technology will expand, and maybe they will be able to generate content like a human brain that doesn’t lack personality, humor, and puns. Now that’s something we need to be worried about. 

So, what can content writers in iGaming do to stay competitive in the industry? Now there are two options: embrace the technology and use it to create compelling content. For example, take help from AI tools for research, editing, outline creation, and even content generation. It will save you so much time, and by using it, you can create more compelling articles than before. Another option is to focus on areas where human writers still have an advantage, such as storytelling and content creation that requires a personal touch.                                                                                                 


I believe content writing in iGaming is a skill that can’t be done if you don’t know what content fits best in a specific niche, regardless of how excellent an AI tool you have. So, the future still holds a chance for content writers in iGaming writing about online casinos, sports betting and special bonuses. 

These AI tools are actually helpful for writers if we know how to use them. From creating outlines to getting insights into the business, we can achieve a lot with AI tools. It will do the research, saves you time, and you can generate masterpiece content if your ideas are merged with this artificial intelligence. So, if freelance writers stay up-to-date with these advances and adapt to this changing landscape, they will be best positioned to succeed in the years to come. 

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