What to wear at iGaming interviews?


First impressions are hard to change, especially in a corporate context. When attending a job interview, a special industry event or an iGaming conference, you should dress to impress.  However, it is essential to find the perfect outfit to make sure it is appropriate for the occasion. Use your eyes, scan the place and read the room because you want to “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

One of the first things you need to consider is the dress code of the company you’re applying for or representing. This might be somewhat tricky, but taking your time to research about the company values, field and type of clients can give you a general idea on what to wear.

For some business talents and professional, attending iGaming conferences and Expos is an important part of their professional development. It’s an opportunity to network with directors, learn about latest trends in the sportsbetting industry and also to do job interviews with candidate-hunting online casinos. The best advice is always to be prepared.

In a job interview, every little aspect is essential, you are being evaluated to determine whether you are the right fit for the organization. Preparation is key, and details such as your hair style and choice of outfit are sometimes as important as punctuality and confidence to answer questions. Let’s please leave the topic of personal hygiene out of this article but if you really need help then GamingMyJob’s Allan Aasterud might send you a pre-interview checklist which includes brushing teeth, body wash with soap, grooming tips and which perfumes to choose….

We know some people struggle with finding the best outfit for these kinds of professional settings, so we have prepared this easy guide to help you find the right clothes for your next interview.

Best interview outfits for men

Whether you’re applying for a position in management, customer service or IT, looking neat,  tidy and fresh is very important. The first thing you need to do, is define what kind of interview you’ll be attending, this will help you choose wisely.

Formal business

Let’s consider this the standard interview style, you can’t go wrong with this choice. A formal business outfit will suit C-level roles, Legal and Compliance and others:

  • Two-piece suit in a solid color or with small pinstripes
  • Dress shirt in light colors, preferably white
  • Traditional conservative tie, stay away from heavy patterns or bowties
  • Dark, polished shoes
  • Matching socks

Casual business

If you are interviewing for an IT or creative position, casual business is the right choice for you.

  • Trousers or chinos
  • Dress shirt with a collar
  • Comfortable shoes which are not smelly and definitely leave the flip-flops at home
  • Short socks
  • Avoid wearing jeans

For this kind of position, you can add a more contemporary style that showcases your personality.

Best interview outfits for women

For women choosing the best outfit for any occasion can be a real challenge, there are so many options that it can be tricky. However, if you follow this basic guide, you will surely find a perfect outfit to look professional and land the job you’re applying for or the business deal you worked hard to succeed.

Depending on the position and company, you can consider both alternatives:

Formal business

Once again, formal business is the go-to option when you might not be certain on the dress code. By wearing a formal business attire, you’ll present yourself as serious and professional.

  • If you’re going with skirts, make sure to choose a dark colored skirt suit. The length of the skirt is also important, consider that when you sit down the skirt will hike up a little, so choose a knee-long skirt
  • In case you like wearing tights, choose solid colors free of patterns
  • When wearing pants, always opt for a pant suit
  • Combine your outfit with a blouse in a solid color
  • If you’re wearing a jacket, keep in mind that a tailored one is the most professional looking alternative
  • Stay away from sandals are open toes shoe, and when wearing heels, make sure they are not too high

Casual Business

If you know the company you’re applying for has a more relaxed dressing code, you can wear a casual business outfit that shows some personality. In creative positions this can be a good way to show a bit of your style.

  • A shift dress combined with a smart jacket is always a good option
  • You can also combine a pair of slacks or a skirt with a button up shirt
  • In case you’re wearing tights avoid heavy colors and busy patterns.

What about makeup, perfume or accessories?

When it comes to makeup, the best option is a natural look, without heavy eyeliner or bright lipstick, you can try a “nude make-up” look. As for your hair, choose a modest style, maybe tied up in a simple pony tail.

Please go easy on the cologne. You dont know how an interviewer will respond and that’s why we believe candidates should avoid perfurme for job interviews. You can add accessories that can give some personality to your outfit, but stay away from colorful ones. Stay with a traditional silver or gold necklace and small earrings.

How to dress for networking at conferences?

There are numerous conferences and expos in Europe, US, Asia and Latam, i.e SIGMA 2021 in Malta which was a great success as Eman Pulis & co were covering the latest developments, strategies and innovation in both the online and land-based gaming.

CasinoBeats Summit will take place at InterContinental Hotel in Malta  end of May this year and  attendees will be given plenty of opportunities to network, catch-up and facilitate business partnerships while addressing the challenges the industry facing in markets across Europe in 2022. Will you be there?

iGaming Next and Sports Betting Community are bringing us all together this summer; online gamers, casino players, affiliate networks,  streamers , product owners, game providers, tech exhibitors, lawyers, regulators and social media influencers. These conferences are truly exciting places to be and you attend with the intention of establishing connections and creating impressions with other industry professionals.

You should always pay close attention to small details in your outfit that can make a huge difference between looking like a pro and looking like someone that just dressed up. By reading this article you now understand the importance of preparing for various dress codes at conferences and events and you will be able to impress both your international clients and new business partners.

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