Which iGaming company should I join?


Which iGaming company should I join? What is the employer? The Malta iGaming industry has become one of the tops and fastest-growing companies in the world with online casinos and sports betting operators. For passionate online players like me, seeking ways to take their gaming passion to the next level, it’s high time to unlock the expanding career opportunities in this dynamic field.

Are you ready to discover your ideal career in the exciting world of iGaming? You are in for a treat, but wait, would you join any iGaming industry? Obviously not! Apart from salary and job roles, there are a lot of other things that need to be considered before joining the iGaming industry.

iGaming is a vast industry with a multitude of career paths to choose from. To find out your ideal career, start by assessing your interest and skills. It will help you to narrow down your research. For instance, I am a creative writer, and gaming is my passion. My personal interest lies in writing and gaming, so I pursued my career as an iGaming writer.

Based on my experience, below is a list of essential things that need to be taken into account while searching for a job in the Malta iGaming industry. These questions might give you info about which iGaming company you should join.

What is the reputation of the iGaming company?

Be it an iGaming or any other industry, company reputation is the first and foremost thing you need to consider. Obviously, you don’t want to work for a company with a negative reputation and who doesn’t treat its employees well. Believe me, it will cost your physical and mental health and also hinders your career growth.

Working for an online casino with a bad reputation is a perfect recipe for disaster in terms of your professional development. Apart from no career growth, you won’t be able to switch to another company easily because your prior experience won’t count much.

That’s why it is crucial to do proper research before accepting any job offer. I know it might be daunting, but you need to take some time to research the company’s history, check out its reviews on different platforms, and go through the company’s website thoroughly before jumping to any decision.

I’m glad I took the time to research before joining my current iGaming company in Malta. Now I am a part of a company that values its customers and employees.

Does the company apply a legal license?

Now you know the company you might be joining is well reputed but before you dive in headfirst checkout on its licenses and regulations. I know, I am sounding like a fool but trust me doing this is worth it. Which iGaming companies operate in which markets? Different online casinos have secured various licences.

Licenses and regulations from authorities like the MGA, UKGC, and German State Treaty on Gambling provide a legal framework for the iGaming industry to operate in a fair and responsible way. A legally licensed company can operate in any reputable iGaming sector and offer you great career opportunities. Moreover, they help protect online players and customers from any dodgy business practices. That’s why we always look for i.e ambitious German candidates because we work with company who have a great reputation.

I learned this lesson the hard way. I once left a multinational company for a local one. You won’t believe it, some extra money has blindfolded me and I ended up joining the new company without any research.

Within a week, I discovered that the company was operating illegally and only hired me to appear to have “degree holders” to the authorities. I left immediately, and I was unemployed for more than six months but didn’t join a new one before making sure that the company I applied for has all the necessary paperwork and possesses a good reputation.

Financial stability of the company

I have been working in the iGaming industry for five years now, and I know how financial stability is important to consider before joining the company. Keep in mind that a gaming company is volatile and may face ups and downs. Only a financially stable company can surpass challenges like regulatory changes, economic downturns, or unexpected setbacks.

On the other hand, working with financially unstable companies can be stressful. You might not get paid on time or be asked to work overtime without compensation. Moreover, such companies may hinder your career growth.

To ensure that you continue to grow professionally, it is necessary to research a company’s financial stability. You can keep a check on their financial reports. Stay up-to-date with any news regarding the company’s financial health. Also, you are free to ask questions regarding their financials during the interview process. Taking these steps can save you a lot of stress and uncertainty.

Which iGaming company offer career opportunities?

Career growth is one of the most important aspects to consider while searching for a job in the iGaming industry. That means you need to learn new skills to stay in the marketplace. Don’t join a company that lures you with high pay, but offer zero growth opportunities. In such a company you’ll be stuck in the same position for years. Moreover, high chances are, you will eventually be replaced by new talent.

Look for a company that may offer a lower salary in the beginning but believes in you and is willing to invest in your future. A company that offers training in Responsible Gaming, mentoring, and opportunities for advancement. Here you will learn new skills, make valuable connections, while adding 5 stars to your resume when you move on to your next job.

Which iGaming company has strong leaders?

Working under strong leadership is really important regardless of the type of industry you are working in. Who knows better than our own recruiter Allan Aasterud who has worked with numerous team leaders, managers and directors in iGaming. Now he will help you to find a job in Malta! Strong leaders and managers maintain a positive tone in the company and always help you to grow and develop professionally with their positive feedback and constructive criticism. Such companies will always have a clear vision and direction, and the leaders will always communicate to their team members before making any decision.

Otherwise poor management will lead you to a toxic work environment and you will end up with poor skills and professional performance.


Which iGaming company should I join? What is the best online casino in the Malta iGaming industry?

iGaming offers many different career opportunities, and it is down to you to find your ideal role. What are your interests, skills, and strengths? Narrow down your research and search for licensed and reputable companies offering career growth and employee benefits with strong leadership and management in a maintained environment.

Don’t settle yourself for a job that is unable to fulfill your aspirations and aligns with your values, where your skills are suppressed, and you are not allowed to learn anything new. So, before you become a part of any company, dwell a little more and opt for a company that will help you grow and succeed in the iGaming industry. Nobody wants to work for a sneaky company that could potentially harm their career!

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