Why do deadlines in iGaming jobs matter?


A goal is a dream with a deadline. Deadlines aren’t bad. Unfortunately, missed deadlines in iGaming jobs can have significant consequences for a content writer. I am house-wife and mum Syeda, and this is my story which is full of regrets.

The iGaming industry is evolving with innovation and new technologies. Being able to work with successful online casinos and sports betting operators made me feel like I have found my dream job. I was an ambitious and organised freelance content writer, and I was over the moon when I saw job orders kept coming in from established brands in the Malta iGaming industry. Wow, let’s make plenty of money because my future seems bright!

Unfortunately, my journey as a casino content writer publishing info about games and casinos bonuses is like a crazy ride on a roller coaster. I have achieved many positive things in my life but I’ve also learned a painful life lesson dealing with deadlines in iGaming jobs. My regret is that I shouldn’t have done this to myself because I’m better than this.

The content writer who never missed deadlines

In the beginning, everything went well. I used to be the most consistent writer who never skipped to deliver work on time. Deadlines were my middle name. I can write top-notch SEO articles that gets ranked easily on Google and I have excellent client communication skills. Online casinos were happy and I work with gaming affiliate sites which offered me more tasks. Besides working for the iGaming industry, I was also exploring some other platforms like Fiverr and, believe me, I was doing really great.

I have got multiple clients who loved my work, they never forgot to leave a 5-star feedback on my profile. Did the praise and positive feedbacks make me overwhelmed? I was just doing what I got paid for, to deliver content within agreed deadlines in iGaming but I was loving the compliments and being flattered. It was all too good to be true..

Who would believe that this praise can also have negative effects? I got sloppy. I didn’t maintain my work consistency because I was chasing more deals to earn more praise. My career peaked and I started taking my clients for granted. My ego was growing, I became arrogant and self-centered. Do you want to guess what happened next?

Now I had so many job tasks and way too many deadlines in iGaming to meet! Suddenly writing for casino on repeated topics and dealing Fiverr clients was getting hard for me to handle. This pressure got to me, and I ended up with writer’s block as I asked myself; How many ways can I describe a casino bonus!

I started to hate writing, which I used to love the most. A content writer in iGaming with a writer’s block, how embarrasing!

Honestly, this was the time I should have taken a break, a time-out to recharge in order to deliver quality work to my clients. Instead my iGaming jobs were more ‘quantity over quality’. That was the biggest mistake of my life!

  • I was unable to maintain the deadlines
  • My client communication was poor
  • My reputation as a content writer in iGaming took a big hit
  • Most of my business clients walked away
  • I lost my income

My negligence has made me suffer for months. Here I am, penning down a sad personal experience that was enough to teach me a lesson: Never ever take your job for granted!

And it goes without saying that being punctual, focus on communication and deliver your work before the deadline are keys to success in iGaming jobs.

Missing deadlines cost me iGaming jobs    

This section will be painful, I really want people to read about some mistakes I made and why it went wrong. Not meeting deadlines in iGaming, being chased by clients or sending a Whatsapp voice text to a client to buy myself a bit more time.

I have got communication skills and I thought I knew how to deal with clients after missing the deadline. I just forgot that I am not only the genius here, my clients were pretty smart people too. They knew more than just dealing with free spins and casino bonuses.

The orders started getting low. and that was the alarming situation. I had to work hard to maintain my previous image, while my ego didn’t let me admit the situation I was in. I knew the clients like my work, so they will ultimately return to me, whether I follow the deadline or not. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Horribly wrong. Deadlines in

I lost it all. No more jobs and no income. I felt like I had been bashed into the sand from the moon as my Fiverr profile was also deranked. It had gone too far. My inconsistency and negligence towards work have brought me to this position, from being praised to feeling just shame.

I started believing that this is a full stop to my career as they say, life doesn’t give you a second chance. It was time to take a break in the last quarter of 2022 and hope the coming year will turn around for me.

Meeting deadlines is a must

Meeting deadlines in iGaming jobs is a must!

I believe that everyone can learn from their mistakes, and I certainly have. Never take your clients for granted, never take your job for granted and you have to understand the importance of deadlines.  After experiencing it myself, I can say that deadlines are an integral part of every iGaming job being advertised. Meeting deadlines is decisive because delays can result in missed opportunities, loss of customers, and revenue for online casinos and sports betting operators.

I have jotted down a few points for the new writers about the importance of why deadlines in iGaming jobs matter:

Meeting Deadlines Helps Build Trust with Customers

If you want to maintain your reputation, never miss deadlines. Meeting deadlines reflects the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service, quality products, and timely delivery.

Customers rely on iGaming companies to deliver their products and services within the specified time frame to maintain satisfaction from your online casino customers.

It Helps Brings You a Positive Reputation

Meeting deadlines helps build a positive reputation for the iGaming company, as it can significantly impact customer acquisition and retention.

Missing deadlines in iGaming will lead to a negative reputation and lost sports betting punters.

Following Deadlines Ensure Operational Efficiency

Meeting deadlines is also necessary for ensuring operational efficiency in the iGaming industry. A company that consistently meets deadlines will have a more streamlined and efficient operation.

This will positively impacting the company’s profitability and competitiveness.


Why deadlines in iGaming jobs matter is easy to explain. This is my story about an ambitious content writer who messed up big time. I’m back on my feet and busy working again with several online casinos, but I learned a painful lesson. Now I know what went wrong, I’ve apologised for my mistakes and I’m grabbing this second chance with both hands!

If I want success, I need to keep up with the deadlines and maintain my clients’ satisfaction. The overall success of my project depends upon my efficiency in delivering the work within the specified timeline. By missing deadlines in iGaming and other industries every content writer will end up with a bad reputation. With consistency and passion I will work hard on my Fiverr profile which is still deranked, but I am confident I will turn it around. I was lucky enough that I got a second chance, but remember; everybody doesn’t get another chance.

Please take my story as an inspiration and never repeat the same mistake as I did. Keep consistent with your work and be very aware that deadlines in Gaming jobs DO matter!

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