You don’t pick iGaming talents. They pick you.


There has always been competition for the top talent as professional employees are the core of every successful business and company. However, a job candidate’s journey has changed. Companies don’t get to pick talent anymore. The talent picks you.

Gaming companies are always looking for ways to improve their recruitment strategies because the recruitment world is very competitive. These days you need to do a lot more than just post a job advert, set up an interview, and then offer the candidate the job. It’s about improved communication, brand awareness, social media presence, and understanding the mind of the candidate.

Social media give candidates more power

The beast of social media is opening up so many new opportunities and different job roles and company information is available to the candidates. We all use social networks to attract future candidates. There are iGaming Jobs groups on Facebook and industry-related discussion groups on Linkedin.
It has made candidates more aware, they also have more time available, and they know to consider their options. They are searching, communicating, researching, demanding, and referring, and that means they have a lot more power in the job search.

Influencing the iGaming job search

Our team at GamingMyJob has shown that we understand the job market and you as a candidate profile through direct communication and personal follow-ups. We are proud to be able to influence and support the early stages of the candidate’s journey. We are always available and we know how to reach out to candidates as trusted advisors and sparring partners.
We have excellent industry relationships, business knowledge, and also life experience, the latter is very important. We nurture candidates and business talents by showing who we are, our core values and why we are an interesting company to partner with.

Engaging talented candidates

It’s the year 2022 and we got to think of new ways to entice top talents. Our goal is to attract, convert and engage candidates through communication, trust, and excellent business relationships. GamingMyJob both in-person and online should be authentic, relevant, and compelling. Believe me, we try! We aim to be a platform that is a useful tool for posting jobs, the latest news about the online gaming industry, and key information about our online casino partners.
A candidate’s experience is based on feelings, behaviors, and attitudes they experience during a recruiting process, but to create these positive experiences we want to create brand awareness and keep potential candidates aware of opportunities, etc. The potential candidates might not be active job seekers. However, more than 90% of them are interested in hearing about new job opportunities.

Communication with candidates

Communication is key to brand awareness and word of mouth. Job descriptions have to be clear and informative, as it will help the interested candidate and active job seekers to better understand the work environment, company culture, and internal policies.
it’s also important to have a communication plan for interested candidates, people who have been invited to interview, and those who are rejected or not hired in the selection process. Lack of communication and not being able to show them some appreciation is just not acceptable. Engagement and empowering candidates make us and our clients more attractive to potential candidates because of brand reputation and recognition.

Happy candidates are ambassadors

Our job as a recruiter doesn’t end when the talented candidate accepts the job offer. We keep track to make sure they are ok, that what we said about the company is true and we meet up now and then for a chat about life and the future. This is the culture we are proud to have developed and we try our best to let them thrive in our environment. Happy candidates will recommend us to other friends and ex-colleagues.
We can show we stand out from other recruitment agencies and job boards. It’s all about the product and service offered. they could be good ambassadors to testify to the experience with your company.

iGaming Career and Recognition

This is about mutual investment as topics like salaries, performance-related bonuses, share price and relocation package to a sunny island are only a part of the recruitment process. You need to be aware that most candidates are looking for a role in a company that offers development and prospects for future promotion. People want to be recognized and that their hard work will be rewarded fairly!
Where do the talented candidates fit? We take the time to match the right profile with the right company client. It’s about skills, salary expectations, company culture, personal ambitions and opportunities for growth, and of course personal preferences.
Now people want to know more about company profiles, ambitions, values, employee benefits, leadership styles, and success stories about other candidates in similar roles. You must understand what motivates and inspires them. It could be:
• Hybrid work schedule
• Career development
• Health and wellness programs
• Vacation and leave
• Performance reviews
• Equality in the workplace
• Important internal policies
• A strong HR department


Recruiting and hiring are key to business success and the attraction of new talent in iGaming is a tough challenge for many of our company clients. Companies can’t grow without people and that’s why it’s important to promote brand image, company values, and opportunities to interested candidates who are on the job search. GamingMyJob will help companies to make sure they hire the best candidate and place the right person in the right role.

We will keep finding potential candidates because we work well on social media and through different communication channels, and our candidates have become excellent ambassadors due to their valuable recommendations. Matching candidates with companies is what we do best because we know the online casino industry and betting operators. Aren’t we all looking forward to seeing new young talent shine in Malta, Cyprus, and Spain in 2022?

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